Bitplane | When Size Matters Webinar Series

Automated Whole Organ Imaging

Tim Ragan
5th November 2014

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TDE Tissue Clearing Application

Trevor Wardill
January 2015

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Whole-Body CLARITY

Benjamin Deverman
15th October 2014

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Open Spin Microscopy

Emilio Gualda
16th July2014

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"Haeckaliens" and OPen T

Gabriel Martins
11th June 2014

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Live Webinar Series

The #WhenSizeMatters webinar series focuses on emerging “big sample” imaging at sub-cellular resolution and novel tissue clearing techniques. Join upcoming seminars, view previous ones and learn more with the additional resources available for each topic.

Recording - Imaging of Neurons in Thick Invertebrate Tissue Samples

Dr. Trevor Wardill is going to discuss how to combine new tissue-clearing agents and long-working-distance objectives to develop a three-dimensional neural connectivity atlas of dragonfly ganglia and cephalopod skin innervation.


Recording - Whole Brain Imaging with STP Tomography

Have you ever dreamt about imaging whole organs in as little as 4 hours through a fully automated combination of optical and mechanical sectioning? Join the talk on 5th November 2014 by Dr. Tim Ragan (CEO of TissueVision) and Dr Kassandra Kisler (Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute, University of Southern California) to learn more about Serial Two-Photon Tomography (STP).


Recording - Whole-Body CLARITY

The study of structure-function relationships at cellular, circuit, and organ-wide scale requires 3D anatomical and phenotypical maps. Recent developments in tissue clearing techniques have enabled the scientific community to start doing just that. Dr. Benjamin E. Devermann delivered a lecture and discussion session entitled “ Passive and Whole-Body CLARITY for Single-Cell Phenotyping” on 15th October 2014.


Recording - Light Sheet Microscopy

Interested in light sheet microscopy? Its principles and applications? What about building a lightsheet microscope yourself? Watch the online webinar by Dr. Emilio J. Gualda entitled “Open Spin Microscopy and functional imaging in Zebrafish through light sheet microscopy” to learn more about constructing a lightsheet imaging unit yourself and its application for functional brain imaging in vivo. The live event took place on the 16th July 2014.


Recording - “Haeckaliens“ & OPenT

A standing challenge in developmental biology is the study of morphogenetic processes in vivo and in toto, i.e. inside whole “late-stage” embryos. Two recent techniques open up new possibilities in both fixed and live thick specimens: optical tomography (aka OPT) and light-sheet microscopy. Watch the recording of the webinar by Dr. Gabriel G. Martins “Open-source optical tomography for mesoscopic-level anatomy”. The live event took place on the 11th June 2014.


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