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Imaris 8.1.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 8.1.0 release notes. Version Date: May 20, 2015. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Imaris Main Menu
 Imaris Main Menu is back! 
 In Imaris8.0 we had removed the main menu and we received a lot of criticism for that. Now it is back again.
 Imaris Administrator
 ImarisAdmin is a new tool to configure Imaris licenses and preferences for all users on a system. What was previously LicenseAdmin is renamed to ImarisAdmin and now additionally has the functionality to configure graphics memory usage, RAM usage, number of threads and any other preferences of Imaris. Essential for multi-user systems is that this configuration can now be done for all users of a system at once.
 Vantage: Vantage1D
 Vantage1D is a new tool to visualize univariate statistics for one or more groups. It displays boxplots and scatterplots and facilitates easy comparison of distributions from different groups by displaying the plots next to each other.

 The Filter tab of Vantage1D lets users interactively select subsets of samples to be displayed in order to explore the univariate statistics of those subsets and e.g. see if the shape of control and treated is markedly different for the large cells in particular.
 Arena Storage Functionality
 Imaris8.1 provides more flexible storage options for Arena data.
 ● Arena DataStoragePath can be set to a network drive
 ● Arena Store/Restore functions (in Arena menu) write/read Arena to/from disk.
 ● The same Arena can be used from different computers: 
     a) Configure DataStoragePath for both to the same drive.
     b) Do Arena::Store from one computer to a network drive. Do Arena::Restore from network drive on the other computer to load the Arena stored from the first computer.
 Vantage Statistics Trackback
 To find the object from which a statistics value originates we have introduced:
 ● Vantage statistics object ID and image ID are stored both in the “Plot Numbers Area” and in exported files. 
 ● Right click on line in “Plot Numbers Area” to open the corresponding object in surpass
 Arena Improvements
 ● Arena “Add Images” allows to add images from a folder and all its subfolders in one click. The folder structure of the file system will be recreated as folder structure in Arena.
 ● Arena Zoom function
 ● CZI series reader
 ImarisFileConverter is a great tool to convert files of almost any microscopy format to IMS format for fast visualization in Imaris. ImarisFileConverter has received two significant updates:
 ● Conversion to IMS is faster than before 
 ● Settings configuration is simpler than before

 Fixed 83 Bugs (since Imaris 8.0.2)
6102 3D View 7.4.0 Implement Consistent Button Naming
8013 3D View 7.6.5 Pressing the 'Reset' button adjusts the Camera Offset Voxels
7872 3D View 7.5.2 Initial size of open dialog box is quite small
8491 3D View 8.0.1 Zoom drop down does not zoom to selected factor
8423 Arena 8.0.1 Memory usage spike when exporting Statisticscs from a large batched collection
8479 Arena 8.0.0 Channel selection in Filament creation parameters(autopath) not saved properly when saving to Arena
8501 Arena 7.6.5 Opening 'empty' CZI files will crash Imaris
8289 Arena 8.0.0 Datasets with multiple files are referenced for every single file again
8333 Arena 8.0.0 Thumbnail generation fails if calculation takes longer than 1 minute
8396 Arena 8.0.0 Files on network server cannot be opened in Arena View
8422 Arena 8.0.0 User can not add more than 1000 files to arena view
8455 Arena 8.0.0 Arena View not responding after network password change
8663 Arena 8.0.0 ImarisDataService doesn't allow multiple connections to same resource
8002 Arena 8.0.0 Stuck in Fullscreen
8339 Arena 8.0.0 Drag&drop mouse pointer symbol invisible in 'Native Theme'
8368 Arena 8.0.0 Moving a file and a group to that same group causes both to disappear in Arena
8545 Arena 8.0.1 Memory Usage Spike when loading a large batched collection of cells in Vantage
7972 Arena 8.0.0 User is not notified in case a folder/image already exists. Only logged to log file
7971 Arena 8.0.0 Ctrl+1(-7) allows switching to different viewers from within resource view
7995 Arena 8.0.0 Imaris image import hangs when adding an Prairie file - timeout doesn't work
8390 Arena 8.0.0 "Resampling open" with CZI / OIF file (hard) crashes Imaris
7982 Arena 8.0.0 'Add to Batch' button visible if exporting an image from surpass
8433 Arena 8.0.1 Imaris stops responding when working on folders that contain a large amount of images
7572 Batch Agent 7.6.5 Batch job not executed on Ellisman
8405 Batch Interface 8.0.0 Batch failure on surface tracking dataset
8346 Batch Interface 8.0.0 When batch fails on a dataset the status of batch jobs which complete afterwards is not updated
8431 Batch Interface 8.0.0 Batch fails with filename too long
8492 Coloc 8.0.1 Changing data type (hard) crashes Imaris when switching to coloc afterwards
8358 Document 8.0.0 Mac and Win versions in Reference manual
8095 Filament 7.7.1 Adding Paths Much Slower (up to 35x ) than 7.6.5
8370 Filament 7.7.2 Crash when stored creation parameters are used
8638 Filament 8.0.2 Filament segment selection doesn't update the stats tab when more than 1 Filament exists
6971 Filament 7.6.1 Preserve Edges ON and OFF have different size defaults
8326 Filament 7.7.2 Imaris crashs when switching from Color Tab to Setting Tab of Filaments
8340 FileIO 8.0.0 Cannot resample open a dataset with less channels
8418 FileIO 7.7.2 Resampling Time when opening Tiff series, Lif file, or Czi file never loads the time-lapse
8460 FileIO 7.6.5 Imaris could not correctly load vsi file
7652 FileIO 7.7.0 Wavelength not read from CZI file
8179 FileIO 7.7.2 Time series only saves one image with BMP-series export
7098 FileIO 7.6.3 MetaMorph .TIF and .ND files meta data read incorrectly
7192 FileIO 7.6.1 The 'read only one time point' checkbox doesn't show that it is checked until the user clicks in the Open popup
7823 FileIO 7.5.2 Crash when Imaris tries to open PrairieView 5.2 files (release in July 2014)
8456 FileIO 8.0.0 When a tiff time series is missing a slice backgroundLoad will freeze during image open
8193 General 8.0.0 Event log can not be closed by clicking the "x" on the window
7163 General 7.6.4 Output format change is not applied to earlier added datasets
7371 General 7.6.5 Allow concatenating czi and lsm files, much like handling TIFF and BMP file series
7617 General 7.6.5 Color scale bar (for Statisticscs coding) fails to be hidden if the entire subfolder is hidden
7641 General 7.6.2 Path to Python Application should state "Python 2.7"
8404 General 8.0.0 X-axis label for time-plot panel is black on dark theme
8467 General 7.6.5 Duplicate Measurement Points non functional
8210 General 8.0.0 Export option opens Save as window
7989 General 7.7.2 Set Equidistant time does not allow for nanosecond precision
8510 General 7.6.5 When Z size is 1 the voxel size defaults to 1
8357 General 8.0.0 Arena view is not accessible immediately after restart of windows
8517 General 8.0.0 Imaris Splash Screen ugly border on Windows
8518 General 8.0.0 Splash Screen is always visible
8520 General 8.0.0 Dark Theme Issue: Separation Lines are not visible
8542 General 8.0.0 Fix Stylesheet for GroupBoxes
8543 General 8.0.0 Add Stylesheet for native Toolboxes
7357 Image Editing 7.6.4 'Edit - Delete Slices' does not work for multiple entries if a comma and space used
8516 Installation 8.0.0 Installing a patch release will remove older patch version
8409 Installation 8.0.1 UnInstallationtion of former 8 version disables Arena in later Imaris versions
8544 Installation 8.0.0 Repair from installer does not add the services required for arena
6935 Installation 7.6.1 Proper System Parameter Handling for Imaris Installationtion
8531 License 8.0.0 With Coloc licence inactive the Coloc icon is still active
8417 License 8.0.1 Opt-in License dialog does not allow to select licenses already in use by same user/host
7032 Snapshot 7.5.2 Animation and Snapshot buttons can both be active at the same time.
8540 Snapshot 8.0.0 "Settings" button in "Animation" lands in "System" preferences
8030 Spot 8.0.0 Spots Edit Tab is truncated
7810 Spots 7.7.0 Spots ellipsoid shape not preserved when loaded
8096 Statistics 7.7.2 Filaments: Statisticscs > Detailed > Average Values: Point (Pt) stats are lacking sub-type labels
8412 Statistics 7.6.5 Data values are truncated in 'export data for plotting'
8413 Statistics 8.0.0 Imaris crash when you turn off a single "X Y or Z" Statisticsc from vector stats or position
8506 Sur Surf 8.0.0 'Cursor intersects with' message is cut off in Draw Surfaces
7933 Time / Tracking 7.7.2 The autoregression expert mode setting is wrongly displayed in Parameter
8594 Time / Tracking 7.7.0 'Store' does not update upon changing time values via 'Set Equidistant Time Point'
8034 Vantage 8.0.0 Resource View is visible when switching between Surpass and other viewers (Slice, Coloc)
8400 Vantage 8.0.0 Vantage is disabled when images are loaded from the 3D View->Recent File list
8616 Vantage 8.0.0 Store currently active Surpass and Vantage view
7416 XT 7.6.4 Imaris::IImageProcessing::TrackSpotsAutoregressiveMotion is returning empty Spots
7554 XT 7.6.5 XT Project to 2D does not update frame immediately
8438 XT 7.1.0 XT ClippingPlane SetOrientationAxisAngle does not work correctly
7846 XT 7.6.5 XTensions do not trigger recalculation of intensity Statisticscs

Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of Imaris and its features are welcome. Please send your comments to

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