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Imaris 7.7.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.7.1 release notes. Version Date: April 11, 2014. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Fixed 33 Bugs (since Imaris 7.7.0)
7620 Batch Agent 7.7.0 Batch Coordinator running Spots progress bar never finishes
7622 Batch Agent 7.7.0 Batch Coordinator is generating ims files with Cells which cannot be read by Imaris
7586 FileIO 7.7.0 Imaris-Filereader produces errors on border blocks
7592 FileIO 7.6.5 Double click to ims with another Imaris open tries to open the new scene in the same Imaris
7616 FileIO 7.6.5 Read new Leica LAS AF 3.1 time stamp format
7571 FileIO 7.7.0 Recording Date without Milliseconds (various file formats)
7594 FileIO 7.7.0 Confusing Imaris Error message when iQ imageDisk is empty
7585 FileIO 7.7.0 File with manually created Cell object in IM77 does not open again
7566 FileIO 7.7.0 Repeated FileOpen of Tiff-Series crashes
7630 FileIO 7.7.0 Imaris 7.7.0 does not load object time calibration saved by Imaris 7.6.5
7619 FileIO 7.7.0 Crash when a scene is created then PtK2CellWithSurfacesAndSpots is added to the scene
7570 FileIO 7.7.0 Unable to read "save"d objects from previous version(s).
7611 Slice 7.7.0 Wrong display of slices z=0 and z=1 when the number of blocks in z > 1
7600 Snapshot 7.7.0 Can't set (or change) time for a Keyframe
7580 Statisti 7.7.0 Crash when clicking on "Number of Tracks" in Statistics
7588 Statistics 7.7.0 Clicking on an item in the Average list of the Detailed-Statistics crashes Imaris
7564 Statistics 7.7.0 ParentID not exported in statistics export
7606 Statistics 7.7.0 preview display for time plot statistics is not displayed properly
7573 Cells 7.7.0 Imaris crashes in Cell wizard
7618 Cells 7.7.0 Imaris 7.7.0 cannot read specific image with cells saved by Imaris 7.6.5
7625 Cells 7.7.0 Mismatch between cells and vesicle time indices
7643 Cells 7.7.0 Tracked surfaces imported as nuclei have wrong ids and cannot be reloaded from file
7560 Cells 7.7.0 Rotating a Cells object shows a lot of black vertical lines at angles off Centre
7568 Cells 7.7.0 Split Cells by Seed Point always uses first channel
7563 Cells 7.7.0 Specifying a vesicle detection filter lower threshold which exceeds the max range stated for a filter causes a crash
7631 Cells 7.7.0 No cells preview during seed points filtering
7574 Filament 7.7.0 Object ID and Track ID of Filament Pt. statistics value are wrong when loading a filament created by Imaris 7.7.0
7609 Time 7.7.0 Crash closing Imaris while loading time image in background
7584 Vantage 7.7.0 Vantage does not show the tracks of the cell module
7559 XT 7.7.0 XTensions creating surfaces fail to run
7608 General 7.7.0 Timepoint is jumping when slowly dragging with the mouse on time bar
7595 General 7.7.0 File locked after saved in Imaris
7621 General 7.7.0 Filter tab becomes blank when a Surfaces scene object is filtered

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Last Modification: MG, 11-April-2014 

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