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Imaris 7.7.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.7.0 release notes. Version Date: March 12, 2014. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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  • Quick open of large time-series
    • First time-point is visualized as soon as it is loaded
    • Remaining time-points are loaded in background-thread
    • Very convenient to browse and inspect many 3d time-lapse (opening a time-series feels like YouTube video streaming)
  • New time-bar (calibrated units, shows time-data loading-progress)
  • Improved stability of basic file reading (see fixed Bugs)
  • 3 times faster Spots creation (using multiple CPU cores, compared with Imaris 7.6.5)
Performance tests were executed with 10 representative Images (size ranging from several Megabytes up to 10 GB). Results compared with Volocity and Metamorph:
  • Compared with both applications, Imaris is significantly quicker to show the first interactive 3D-Image-Rendering (the more time-points, the more significant the difference).
  • Imaris is approx. 2 times quicker for entire image loading (resp. import the image).
  • Imaris is approx. 2 times quicker to detect Spots (only compared Volocity).

  • Creation wizard easier to use
  • Improved creation speed on Mac OSX (using multiple CPU cores, on Windows this acceleration was already implemented in an earlier version of Imaris)
  • Improved rendering quality
    Imaris 7.6 Imaris 7.7


  • New "Spine Part" Statistics (using same definitions as "Spine Classification" XTension)
    • Length, Min Diameter, Max Diameter, Mean Diameter, Volume
    • Head, Neck, Ground (portions adjustable in advanced preferences)


  • Storing Surpass Object with their Statistics in IMS-File. Allows much quicker access to Imaris' Statistics views and Vantage when loading the Surpass-Scene from the file (previous Imaris versions needed to re-calculate all statistics when loading a Surpass scene).

Fixed 35 Bugs (since Imaris 7.6.5)
7482 Documentation 7.6.5 Description Center Homogenous Mass and Image Mass misleading
7439 Documentation 7.6.5 Reference Manual still refers to iQ "Disk Image" file instead of "ImageDisk"
7356 Documentation 7.6.4 Context sensitive link to help broken for 'Edit - Delete Slices'
7311 Documentation 7.6.4 Add unit (�?m) to the "Spots Colocalize" XTension
7474 FileIO 7.6.5 iQ multi-image time series have wrong time stamps
7473 FileIO 7.6.5 Some file-time-series are opened with random scrambled time-calibration
7459 FileIO 7.6.5 ND2 file opening crashes Imaris
7422 FileIO 7.5.2 .OIF file from Olympus is not opening completely in Imaris 7.6.5
7421 FileIO 7.6.5 IQ Tiff 3D time images are not in the correct order
7375 FileIO 7.6.5 Different Voxel Intensities for OME XML when opening the same file again (revealed by FileIO Voxel Hash Test)
7154 FileIO 7.6.4 Imaris cannot import VSI file - crashes while importing it
6941 FileIO 6.4.2 LIF 2D Time stamps not read
3647 FileIO 6.3.1 Imaris can not read 24bit tiff-files from Metasystems
7483 InPress 7.6.5 Statistical Annotation can not be edited nor hidden
6418 InPress 7.5.1 Hide/viewing multiple statistical annotations is not working properly
5543 Installation 7.3.1 FpBp fails to register
7297 Slice 7.6.4 Interpolation causes rendering artifacts at image border
7132 Slice 7.6.1 black lines between textures
3912 Slice 6.2.1 Textures with different size are not correctly aligned
5139 Statistics 7.2.1 Saving statistics in the .IMS file
4297 Statistics 7.0.0 Spine Terminal Point Diameter Distribution size problem
7553 Surpass Cells 7.6.5 Binary data of deleted cells is written to file
7195 Surpass Cells 7.6.4 Customer supplied file crashes Imaris when trying to rebuild a Cell object
7363 Surpass Filaments 7.6.5 FT show Dendrite tracking with only one time point in the dataset
7286 Surpass Filaments 7.6.4 Discrepancy between statistics depending on the 'Allow branch spines' option
7242 Surpass Surfaces 7.6.4 Surface not displayed with transparency when loaded from file
7133 Surpass Surfaces 7.6.1 texture prepare never finishes and display flickers
7059 Surpass Volume / Slice 7.6.1 Volume Rendering, Surfaces Preview, and Cells Rendering crash on Windows with ATI-boards, if image is bigger than GPU texture RAM
2144 Surpass Volume / Slice 5.5.0 Heavy flickering of screen during rotation of volume
6240 Surpass 7.4.2 Crash for large isosurface preview when panning, zooming and rotating (with ATI Radeon)
7407 Vantage 7.6.5 cell objects are missing in Vantage mode
7405 Vantage 7.6.5 "scale objects to same size" in Vantage doesn't work
7191 Vantage 7.6.4 Inconsistent performance between PC and Mac when switching to the vantage view with a saved dataset that contains vantage data.
7401 XT 7.6.5 Similarity Filter XTension produces Similarity Values higher than 100%
7158 _General 7.6.3 When windows runs out of available memory Imaris will crash

Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of Imaris and its features are welcome. Please send your comments to

Last Modification: CL, 17-Mar-2014 

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