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Imaris 7.6.5 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.6.5 release notes. Version Date: November 13, 2013. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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  • Tiff series opening time improved for uncompressed tiff formats - faster file format detection

Fixed 27 Bugs (since Imaris 7.6.4)
7293 Statistics 7.6.4 Average statistics crashes for time ROI
6988 Sur Surfaces 7.6.1 For 32bit float dataset Surfaces wizard crashes, No Spots created, Data Intensity Mean corrupt
7166 Statistics 7.6.4 Crash when toggling statistic filters
7246 Sur Filaments 7.6.4 Spine Branching not listed reliably
7209 FileIO 7.6.4 IQ Tiff time series time calibration not read
7221 XT 7.6.3 XT DetectSurfaces can not be used with manual threshold
6353 FileIO 7.5.1 Some editing functions of surface cause Imaris crash in real time and when reloading the dataset due to broken data
7150 Documentation Explain usage case for Convex Hull Description
7328 Documentation 7.6.4 Discrepancy between minimum system requirements on website and in the reference manual
7316 XT 7.6.4 Filaments Branch Hierarchy XTension not working on manual drawn filament (if there is no Dendrite Beginning Point)
7205 Sur Filaments 7.6.4 Spine Terminal Pt Distance wrong
6224 FileIO 6.3.0 unusually slow opening of LSM time series
3510 Statistics 6.2.1 Filament segment selection selects multiple segments at once, if Beginning- or Attachment-Point is located next to a Branch Point
7303 FileIO 7.6.4 Andor iQ timeseries has additional timepoints in Imaris
7123 Documentation 7.6.3 "eusupport" eMail address in the QuickStart tutorial is not working
7201 Sur Surfaces 7.6.4 Slice position slider disappears
7261 XT 7.6.4 Vesicle outside cell does not work in Imaris 7.6.4
7220 InPress 7.6.3 Ampersand sign (&) in Annotation title or description makes Imaris file corrupt
7309 Sur Cells 7.6.4 No Parent IDs for Vesicle Track Statistics if there are several types of vesicles
7291 Documentation 7.6.4 No description of min and max threshold settings
7237 Documentation 7.6.4 Description for "Neck length" in the Filament tracer statistics is missing
7223 Documentation 7.5.2 Help for Surpass buttons not found
7211 Documentation 7.6.4 right click -> show help in channel selection area of Image Processing dialog windows results in error message
7169 Documentation 7.6.4 Custom Tools Setup XTension Folders incomplete and wrong version
7128 Documentation 7.6.3 Membrane Detection algorithm: Add 2 channels as prerequisite
7125 License 7.6.3 Add annotation from selection allows a user without the 'InPress' Licence to access the annotation area
7106 InPress 7.6.3 Add annotation from selection is greyed out under Selection All Values and Selection Average Values

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Last Modification: CH, 13-November-2013 

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