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Imaris 7.6.4 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.6.4 release notes. Version Date: June 12, 2013. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Patch release with focus on file-IO, robustnes, tests on Windows 8. 

  • Improved Zeiss CZI image reading (basic compression, all montage image-tiles listed)
  • Option to delete multiple slices (menu "edit / delete slices")

  • Inherited Spine-Attachment-Pt and Spine-Terminal-Pt Statistics to Spine Segment
    • Spine Attachment Pt Distance
    • Spine Attachment Pt Speed
    • Spine Attachment Pt Diameter
    • Spine Attachment Pt Branching Angle
    • Spine Terminal Pt Speed
    • Spine Terminal Pt Distance
    • etc.

Fixed 49 Bugs (since Imaris 7.6.3)
6826 _General 7.6.1 Crash if leaving full screen mode after Imaris got started directly in full screen mode
7078 _General 7.6.1 After 'Reset Preferences' Imaris must be closed and reopened in order to load a dataset
3544 _General 6.3.0 Imaris not closing in a user account (only after disable usage data collection)
6898 Batch Agent 7.6.1 Nikon .nd2 file reader in Batch Agent not working
7068 Coloc 7.6.3 Coloc title for save snapshot window begins with a random character.
6537 FileIO 7.5.2 Imaris won't open some CZI files from ZEN 2011
7097 FileIO 7.6.3 Imaris 7.6.1 and 7.6.3 interpret the 'SaveFilter' value differently
7042 FileIO 7.6.1 Opening Large (5.6 gb) ZVI crashes Imaris, file is not corrupt
6824 FileIO 7.6.0 CZI fails with compressed pixel formats (esp. jpeg)
6788 FileIO 7.5.0 Volocity .LIFF files load extremely slow compared to Imaris 7.4.2
6773 FileIO 7.6.0 IQ time series recognised as individual z stacks
6639 FileIO 7.6.0 CZI multi tile file not read correctly
5938 FileIO 7.3.0 Bigger zvi files are opened very slowly in Imaris
6923 FileIO 7.6.1 Optics metadata for deconvolution not recognized in Zeiss .czi
6982 FileIO 7.6.1 Prairie View File - time stamp not read.
6950 FileIO 7.6.1 Prairie View file x,y Voxel size is wrong if zoom > 1 and acquired with or later
6890 FileIO 7.6.1 Imaris does not open the OME Tiff files from Yokogawa correctly
6863 FileIO 7.6.0 Metaviewer *.imv files are recognized as ims5.5 but cannot be loaded
5043 FileIO 6.3.1 Openlab Raw multi-channel opened as Time series
7091 Image Edit 7.6.3 Voxel size shown incorrect after 'add slices'
7081 Image Edit 7.6.3 No 'undo' for 'Delete Slices'
7080 Image Edit 7.6.3 Rename "Delete Slices' to 'Delete Slice'
1248 Image Edit Need option to delete a selection of multiple image slices
6881 Snapshot / Animation If you change frame rate and click save, the new rate is not used
7033 Snapshot / Animation 7.5.2 Badly worded message for "Delete All" in Animation
6945 Statistics 7.6.1 Some Filament "Pt" Statistics do not show the type (terminal, branch, attach, etc)
6840 Statistics 7.6.1 Measurement Points statistics: no data for average values / all values
5464 Statistics 7.2.0 Volume- Statistical Tab -no time plots are available
6964 Filaments 7.6.1 Filament autopath wizard: diameter & disconnected segments threshold preview styles depends on Surfaces object settings
7030 Filaments 7.6.1 Beginning Point lost, if two filament-parts are joined (with AutoDepth, or Join)
6669 Filaments 7.4.0 Valid Spine Seed Points Being Ignored
6113 Spots 7.4.2 Unable to use the Oblique Slicer as a solid object when adding a spot
5165 Surfaces 5.7.0 Wrong overlapping detection in surfaces connected components tracking
7063 Surfaces 7.6.3 Undocking the surpass objects pane on Mac resizes some aspects of the drawing tab
7060 Surfaces 7.6.3 Draw' button for manual surfaces cannot be disabled when the pointer is in 'Navigate' mode.
6790 Surpass 7.6.1 "Center of Object" in Measurement Point doesn't work well with surface component of celldemo.ims
6786 Surpass 7.6.0 Frame Label Numbers don't adjust according to GuiUnit
6170 Surpass 7.4.2 Changing threshold in histogram resets orthoslicer orientation
7064 Vantage 7.6.3 Imaris crash when deleting track from surpass scene if part of a scaled Vantage plot
6823 Vantage 7.6.1 problems with interactive two-way selection
7046 XT 7.6.3 Python Xtension File name *must* match def module name
7037 XT 7.6.1 XT ISurfaces::GetSurfacesList(tInts aSurfaceIndices) does not return
5537 XT 7.3.0 Xtension Find spot close to surface misclassifies for surfaces with more than 10 000 points
6872 Coloc 7.6.1 Mark Coloc statistics clearly as "estimated statistics"
7070 Documentation 7.6.3 Add more details to Reference Manual for Draw Styles
7069 Documentation 7.6.3 Define Special Branch Point in Reference MAnual
7010 Documentation 7.6.1 Add information about growing files size when 'save' is used
4835 Documentation 7.1.1 Chapters can not be opened on Chrome
7082 Documentation 7.6.3 Improve Fig. 6 in the Filament Statistics Dendrite Orientation Angle

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Last Modification: CL, 12-June-2013 

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