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Imaris 7.6.2 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.6.2 release notes. Version Date: April 09, 2013. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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  • Spots Creation
    • Accelerated algorithm to merge overlapping Spots (for 100'000 Spots it now takes 1 second instaed of 1 hour)
    • Location of merged Spot is different than in previous Imaris versions (in case there were more than 2 overlapping Spots, earlier Imaris versions calculated the new location wrongly).
  • Supports new Developer License. A watermark "Imaris Open" appears on top of the main viwing areas.

  • Re-launch as Imaris Open. This is a Platform for
    • Exchange XTensions between Developers and Biologists
    • Exchange know-how about Imaris API from Developer to Developer
    • Extended Documentation for ImarisXT
    • Discussion Forum
  • Application Programming Interface natively supports Python 2.7
    Please visit and install the appropriate version.
  • Multiple folder locations to instal own XTensions. Adjustable in Imaris' preferences:

Fixed 52 Bugs (since Imaris 7.6.1)
3518 _General 6.3.0 Edit::Preferences::System::Processor Architecture: wrong information
4293 _General 7.0.0 Imaris on OSX crashes during startup
6421 _General 7.5.1 Opening Edit preferences takes really long if no internet connection is available
6837 _General 6.3.1 Key 'Ctrl+m' is very dangerous
6838 _General 7.6.1 maintenance expiration + current version of Imaris = confusing message
6844 _General 7.6.1 Customer couldn't deactivate Easter Egg (Heart for Marius), because he didn't realize when he found it
6993 _General 7.1.0 Preferences -> Loading: should refer to iQ "ImageDisk", not "Disk Image"
6898 Batch Agent 7.6.1 Nikon .nd2 file reader in Batch Agent not working
6379 Batch Coordinator 1.1.1 Execution of a batch job blocked with status 'Queued on some machines
6812 Documentation 7.6.1 Find 'Spots close to Filament' manual misses information about how to select components
6819 Documentation 7.6.0 Calibration Unit specification not updated in the Reference Manual
1633 FileIO 6.1.2 Resampling Open: crop channels always reads header info starting from Ch 1
6509 FileIO 7.5.2 LSM-file meta data for xyz is not read correctly (ZEN 2009)
6697 FileIO 7.3.0 Complex Filaments take a very very long time to Open
6921 FileIO 7.6.1 Time calibration not read from some Zeiss .czi files
6946 FileIO 7.2.3 LSM510: When creation time is missing the current time is used instead of the file creation time
6922 Image Edit 7.5.0 Crop3D window spinboxes change position
1589 Image Processing 4.5.0 Rotate Channels only rotates all togehter
6350 Image Processing 7.5.0 Free rotate angle field input blocked
3910 Imaris File Converter 6.4.0 FileConverter ignores path for cache files
5966 Installation 6.4.2 Repair installation from control panel does not find .msi
6202 Installation 7.3.1 Link for "Programming Interface" document missing in Windows start menu
6341 License 7.3.0 Offline license installation does not set correct license path
6643 License 7.5.2 Evaluation Registration ID / Passcode fails if user includes space character in copy-paste from email
6809 License 7.6.0 Unchecking all licenses but "base" results in a crash after Imaris restart
6821 Snapshot / Animation 7.5.2 If keyframe animation overshoots, it sometimes results into strange zoom values
6906 Snapshot / Animation 7.6.0 Frame Decorations fixed to Dataset only in Animation
6948 Snapshot / Animation 7.6.1 Checking "Snapshot size from window size" and then altering Imaris window size can cause a crash/makes Imaris unusable
6990 Snapshot / Animation 7.6.1 Save animation/movie to path without write permissions: crash, bpException: Could not open stream for writing.
6918 Statistics 7.6.1 Hidden time-plot reappears when changing time point selected/displayed
6995 Statistics 7.6.1 Export for plotting is not including the trackID in the first row
6732 Surpass 7.6.0 Cannot change font size of the time label if color time bar is hidden
5844 Surpass Cells 7.0.0 Cells volume rendering for 2D cells is mostly black
6917 Surpass Cells 7.0.0 The multiresolution mask Image of cell is wrong (cause visualization problem) when creating cell by creation wizard with option "enforce one nucleus per cell"
6336 Surpass Filaments 7.5.0 Statistic 'Number of Filaments' not updated after 'Duplicate'
6602 Surpass Filaments 7.5.2 Filament Threshold method, does not remember the channel used for the wizard
6856 Surpass Filaments 7.6.1 Filament Autopath Result depends on Image Base Intensity
6976 Surpass Filaments 7.6.1 Diameter of Sphere Region (Remove Seed Points Around Starting Point) not displayed
7029 Surpass Filaments 7.6.1 joining dendrite segments via autopath crashes Imaris
7009 Surpass Spots 7.5.2 Spots region growing not working, when combined with ROI and time crop
7013 Surpass Volume / Slice 7.6.1 Imaris File with corrupt data crashes the application
6728 Time / Tracking 7.6.0 Max Gap size default value (3.00) should not have decimal places
6588 Vantage 7.5.0 Edit Tab Add/Delete buttons disabled
6612 Vantage 7.5.0 Scale bar for 'Scale' in Vantage does not resize correctly
6864 Vantage 7.6.1 Crash when activating filaments statistic category in step Plot Setup
6920 Vantage 7.6.1 Vantage box plot time summary never samples at < 1 sec interval
4190 XT 7.0.0 XTensions buttons flickering during split spots
6685 XT 7.5.0 update Xtensions to support for Z elongation of Spots
6771 XT 7.6.0 "Cells Statistics" and "Spots Settings" dialogs appear simultaneously in Surpass property area if XTension "Vesicles outside Cell" is executed
6845 XT 7.5.0 Filaments Convex Hull XTension wrongly calculates the normals
6874 XT 7.6.1 Running the "Distance transformation" XTension on the Mac produces invalid results and causes display issues
6903 XT 7.6.0 XTension 'Split Spots' on R18Demo crashes

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