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Imaris 7.6.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.6.1 release notes. Version Date: December 05, 2012. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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 Measurement Points

  • Measurement Points snap to Objects Center

    Measurement Points centered to Surfaces

    • Spots: Center Point (center of homogeneous mass)
    • Surfaces: Center Point (center of homogeneous mass)
    • Cells: Priority order for centering: 1. Vesicles 2. Nucleus 3. Cell
    • Filaments: Snap to Center Axis (Vertex)

  • Cursor Centering also available for Spots Draw, Surfaces Draw (like for MeasurementPro)
  • Updated RLM Floating License Server (9.4-bl4)

Fixed 35 Bugs (since Imaris 7.6.0)
6757 Surpass Cells 7.6.0 Opening stats of a manual generated cell object crashes Imaris
6754 Surpass Cells 7.6.0 Rebuild Cell crashes Imaris
6752 Surpass Filaments 7.2.0 Filament autopath shows preview path, but fails to draw segments
6749 FileIO 7.6.0 Imaris 7.6.0 x64 crashes when adding an OIB as timepoint, channel or Slices
6744 Snapshot / Animation 7.4.0 Imaris crashes when creating any movie with full compression rate
6738 Surpass Cells 7.6.0 Export of Cells and Nuclei does not work
6731 FileIO 7.6.0 Calibration data not read from CZI dataset
6722 Slice 7.6.0 Distance Measurement in Slice view is incorrect
6711 FileIO 7.6.0 File open crashes Imaris 7.6.0 x32 for customer on Win7 x32 bit
6693 Vantage 7.6.0 Deleting "Surpass Scene" when it is attached to a created Vantage plot causing Imaris to crash
6670 Documentation 7.6.0 Description Center for filaments wrong in the reference manual
6661 Documentation 7.6.0 Small error in the Vantage Plot import Data Area
6660 Documentation 7.6.0 Description for selecting or deselecting Categories need to be updated
6648 Surpass Filaments 7.5.0 Filament Track --> "Show Selection" -> Crash!
6647 Snapshot / Animation 7.3.0 Animation Grayed out when 'Play one time selected'
6646 _General 7.6.0 Random colormap/palette/colortable is black, and 4 of the tables are missing
6645 FileIO 7.6.0 .LEI file reader is broken in Imaris 7.6
6640 FileIO 7.6.0 Import of a scene crashes Imaris 7.6.0
6637 FileIO 7.6.0 Save to IMS5.5 of tiny CZI timeseries takes more than 10 minutes
6635 Documentation 7.4.0 Gallery Plot Description ascending and descending Icon are interchanged
6634 Documentation 7.6.0 Increase and Decrease description wrong in Vantage
6632 Vantage 7.6.0 Third Axis can not be deleted in Vantage
6631 _General 7.5.0 Merge all does not select the different surfaces
6623 Coloc 7.6.0 Number formatting options new in 7.6.0 are not used in Coloc
6555 XT 7.5.2 Normalized time points - Matlab script stops in the middle
6523 Vantage 7.5.2 PlotNumbersArea does not show timeindex when statistics of all timepoints are displayed
6482 Snapshot / Animation 7.5.0 Animation - Frames Value - Need to click "Play" twice.
6449 FileIO 7.4.0 Time stamps from ZVI file are wrong in Imaris
6403 Statistics 7.5.1 Discrepancy between Description for PT Branching angle and Imaris 7.5.1
6355 FileIO 7.5.0 Error: Could not open Imaris5 file for objects writing
6129 FileIO 7.4.2 Zeiss ZVI written by ZEN 2011 (blue Edition) Error "Unknown File Format"
5970 FileIO 7.4.0 Time calibration not read from Metamorph ND file
5497 Surpass Filaments 7.3.0 Need Connect/Disconnect buttons in Filament Track Editor
5388 Snapshot / Animation 7.2.3 Export to QuickTime VR crashes if the file name is too long
3540 Surpass 6.3.0 Low resolution in the camera toolbar without function

Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of Imaris and its features are welcome. Please send your comments to

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