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Imaris 7.5.2 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.5.2 release notes. Version Date: August 22, 2012. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Fixed 41 Bugs (since Imaris 7.5.1)
ID Component Summary
6328 _General Exit Full Screen mode returns always to "normal" Window state (never to "maximized")
6374 _General Crash in Rebuild
6392 _General Zoom level value is not updated when switching between Slice and Surpass mode
6446 Documentation ImarisXT DistanceTransform documentation errors refer to Baseline Subtraction
5578 FileIO changes made after clicking "Settings" button are lost on OS X 10.7 (LIF, TIF, IMS...)
5793 FileIO Default file extension is not always added
5862 FileIO Some OIF files can't be opened by Imaris
5938 FileIO Bigger zvi files are opened very slowly in Imaris
5970 FileIO Time calibration not read from Metamorph ND file
6118 FileIO Kinetik Disk file not remembered
6174 FileIO some 32-bit datasets load incorrectly - maybe .mrc specific
6182 FileIO Metamorph .ND reader not working for most users
6289 FileIO Thumbnails in the OpenIQ Dialog do not show the color but are represented in grey values
6347 FileIO Movie generation in deactivated off-screen mode skips every second frame
6417 FileIO OIB channel colours wrong
6423 FileIO Save Button does not save 'delete track'
6370 Image Edit Resample 3D affects slices when only XY dimensons change
2100 Image Processing Rotate Channels moves dataset nearly out of view
6378 License node-locked permanent licenses should not be locked to virtual machine host-ids
6310 Snapshot / Animation Calibration of Snapshot Images wrong in ImageAccess
6380 Snapshot / Animation Imaris crashes when saving a movie with offscreen rendering off
6290 Statistics Statistics<
6139 Surpass "Rebuild" sometimes ignores selected step, and jumps to the very first step of the wizard
6298 Surpass Surpass group object - Statistics tab selection causes Imaris crash
6410 Surpass Automatic Zoom/Fit while opening images changed between Imaris 7.4.0 and 7.4.1
6194 Surpass Cells Possible to enter Duplicate Name for Vesicle Type
6254 Surpass Cells Preview not updated after deleting filter in creation wizard
6455 Surpass Cells "Vesicle Distance to Nucleus Center" not calculated for vesicles in cytoplasm
6402 Surpass Filaments After deleting a segment in a filament a new starting point is inserted
6408 Surpass Filaments After Deleting a segment in the threshold loop filament Imaris crashes when opening the statistics tab
6089 Surpass Surfaces ATI Radeon 7970 Graphics Problems: Surface Preview - normal rendering
6359 Surpass Surfaces cut surface tool fails when UNDO is used on an initial surface cut
6394 Surpass Surfaces mask all skips many time points
6284 Time / Tracking Track Editor 'Show Selected' incorrectly shows extra tracks after tracks are joined
6419 Time / Tracking Time Duration goes backwards
6425 Time / Tracking Track editor jumps to time point 1 after selection in 3D window
6427 Time / Tracking Font sizes of time counters reset when scale bar is toggled on/off
6077 Vantage Vantage 7.4.2 Gallerie: Spots do not follow the track
6159 Vantage Changing Color Table in Vantage resets Gamma, Scale, Offset, and Bin Size
6200 XT Minimum Display Resets to 0
6388 XT Some images show up in white when transferred with 'Image to Fiji'


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