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Imaris 7.4.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.4.1 release notes. Version Date: February 17, 2012. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Fixed 50 Bugs (since Imaris 7.4.0)
ID Component Summary
3455 Surpass Volumes Navi window in Surpass badly degrades smooth pan & zoom
4781 Surpass Selection of statistic table stops to move when the end of the visible table is reached
5375 Surpass Surfaces Save does not save the Cut Surface changes
5387 General Different behaviour by opening a file: Drag&Drop, Recent File List, Open Dialog load files differently
5472 Surpass Filaments Filament Track Editor does not show selection, if selection is done in 3d view
5575 Surpass Cells Stored creation parameters not used
5587 Surpass Cells In Exported File, the Parent ID missing from 2nd class of Vesicles s
5588 Surpass Cells "Fit to Selection" does not zoom to Selected Cell, or cell components
5589 Surpass Filaments Typo in filament Rebuild creation parameters
5594 Surpass Cells Remember parameters does not include all classes of vesicles
5616 Surpass Cells Unable to change vesicle color selection while in ImarisCell wizard
5619 FileIO Crash when opening OME XML
5774 Vantage Save File, Revert to File does not fully work
5795 Vantage Vantage Subvolume Blend should change background
5806 Vantage 3d Cursor only working in initial image area
5817 FileIO For stitched LSM 700 dataset only one fragment is imported
5821 FileIO Olympus VSI causes Immediate Crash
5822 FileIO Only thumbnail loaded for VSI file
5836 Vantage Surpass camera zoom is reset when switching from vantage creation step to surpass
5842 Statistics Parent ID gets lost during 'Duplicate selection'
5847 General Import scene asks if you want to save the dataset
5869 Vantage Color Tab Should be grey when color plot dimension is used
5870 Vantage All filament key point settings are disable for vantage
5871 Vantage Point Representation for Vantage crashes when selecting points from Plot Numbers Area
5872 Surpass Creation Parameters: Section Header is empty on Import
5876 Surpass Spots Rebuild (creation) parameters lost in duplicated spots
5879 General missing the most recent tutorial movie links
5880 Surpass Cells Rebuild Cells Tracks crashes
5882 Vantage Imaris crash in Vantage when viewing Scatterplot3D - track statstics for 3D tracking dataset
5885 Surpass Cells Select only "Vesicle Relative to Cell Position" (x,y,z) causes crash in Vantage
5886 Surpass Cells Vesicle Relative to Cell Position (X,Y,Z) only visible in Vantage if all statistics are visible
5887 Surpass Filaments Dual ROI + Split Cells by Seed Point = Crash
5888 FileIO Dataset Olympus VS120 System opens with intensity 0 and wrong calibration
5891 XT programming interface title has the old version number
5895 Surpass Not possible to change Grid spacing using the keyboard
5897 FileIO Settings Dialog appears twice
5905 FileIO Micro-Manager: Image5D identifies invalid files as valid files
5907 Vantage Vantage Crash with Complex Filaments Object
5911 Vantage Multiplot Frame puts axis at wrong position when changing vantage items order
5920 Time / Tracking Most tracks in Filaments are lost during rebuild
5935 Surpass Filaments No dendrite beginning point in filament traced manually in time lapse dataset
5939 Surpass Cells Nucleus manual threshold lost rebuilding cells
5940 Surpass Cells Cells creation parameters messed up
5955 Installation "Unknown publisher" if windows firewall asks for privileges of "ImarisServerIce.exe"
5956 Surpass Cells Vesicle voxel statistics is calculated and displayed, even if it is switched off in the preferences
5957 Surpass Cells vesicle "statistics color coding" is reset to "base color", if visibility of nucleus or cell is changed
5962 FileIO Imaris crash when reverting to file while in Slice view
5970 FileIO Time calibration not read from Metamorph ND file
5988 FileIO Imaris on MAC can't open MetaMorph ND files
6027 FileIO Uncompressed Olympus CellR images take long time to load


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