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Imaris 7.4.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.4.0 release notes. Version Date: December 14, 2011. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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NEW view in Imaris! Visually explore the statistics of objects! Product details ...
  • Quick start:
    • Create some Surpass Objects (Spots, Surfaces, Cells, Filaments)
    •  Press Vantage Button in the Main Tool Bar
    •  The Vantage Plot Wizard appears
      • First select the Object which you like to use as input
      • Second choose statistics category and plot type
      • Finish
    •     Use Settings-Tab to adjust objects visualisation
    •  Use Create-Tab to rebuild the plot using the Plot Wizard
    •  Use View-Tab to adjust objects base size and orientation
    •  Use Edit-Tab to fine-tune the plot (advanced)
    •  Use Color-Tab to set objects base color
    •  Press add new Plot to superimpose a second Vantage Plot


Creation Wizard: Split Cells by Seed Point


New Draw / AutoNetwork
  • Similar to AutoPath, but requires heavy computation only once
  • Press Button Calculate Network (provide the size of the filamentous structure - like the seedpoints for dendrites or spines in the creation wizard)
  • <shift> + right-click to set a beginning point (note: compared to AutoPath mode there is no more calculation to be done)
  • <shift> + left-click to add a path to an end-point
  • Hint for way-points: <shift> + left-click at the location of the way-point, and immediately press shift-right-click (at the same location) in order to move forward toward the real end-point.

Several statistics value have been added to properly support Vantage-Plots (i.e. Positions XYZ for Spots, Surfaces, Cells, Filaments, Spines, Dendrites, Tracks, etc. ... Time in [s] for all objects). These values are also available on the Surpass Filter- and Statistics-Tabs.

New XTensions to handle Super Resolution Data:
  • Super Resolution Spots Import
  • Super Resolution Volume Synthesis

  • SceneViewer loads also Imaris files (.ims) even if the file do not include Scene data
  • New File Format: MicroManager
  • Better handling of files which contain multiple images (Andor: iQ Image, Zeiss: AxioVision, Gatan: DigitalMicrograph, Leica: Image File Format LIF, Leica: Vista LCS, Zeiss: LSM 510, PerkinElmer: Improvision Openlab LIFF, PerkinElmer: Improvision Openlab RAW, Intelligent Imaging Innovations: SlideBook

Fixed 49 Bugs and Feature Requests (since Imaris 7.3.1)
5567 Bug Imaris Batch Agent 7.3.1 Generation of XLS for time series very slow, CSV not written
5598 Bug Imaris Documentation 7.3.1 Ridler/Calvard method referenced by mistake in Manual
5771 Bug Imaris FileIO 7.3.1 Imaris stops working, when opening a specific IMS file
5540 Bug Imaris FileIO 6.3.1 .IMS file open failure, keyframe animation runs on open, file never fully loads
2359 Bug Imaris FileIO 5.7.0 filereader licenses have no effect
5602 Bug Imaris FileIO 6.3.1 Improper reading of the time stamp from .ZVI files
5228 Bug Imaris FileIO 7.3.0 drag & drop for opening a file does not work
5167 Bug Imaris FileIO 7.2.1 Imaris file open error after opening .IMS saved by Autoquant (when not using Send to Imaris button)
4198 Bug Imaris FileIO 7.0.0 16 bit TIF image loads incorrectly
3989 Bug Imaris FileIO 6.4.0 Time Calibration and Channel information lost during saving as ids/ics
3535 Bug Imaris FileIO 6.3.0 Crash when one of mutiple cache path is full
5627 Bug Imaris FileIO 7.3.0 MetamorphND crashes
5416 Bug Imaris FileIO 7.2.0 Imaris keeps displaying Open File Dialog because MainApplication doesn't get the focus
5357 Bug Imaris FileIO 7.2.3 When terminating Imaris with a modified image, warning text is missleading (e.g. it implicates to overwrite an iQ image)
4749 Bug Imaris FileIO 7.1.1 Zeiss LSM510 no support for stage positions
3571 Bug Imaris FileIO 6.3.1 scene file does not specify which image of Leica LIF
3389 Bug Imaris FileIO 6.2.0 ICS written by Volocity can not be read
5480 Bug Imaris Statistics 7.0.0 Export for plotting produces error popup when exporting .xls directly in Excel 2010 for Windows
3611 Bug Imaris Statistics 6.3.1 Full branch level statistic on overal tab is incorrect
4437 Bug Imaris Surpass 7.0.0 Surpass Scale Bar Units not updated with Image Properties
3831 Bug Imaris Surpass 6.3.1 Frame Axis Labels can not be fixed to dataset
2672 Bug Imaris Surpass 5.7.2 Specular and Emission in Frame Axis font GUI not needed
5576 Bug Imaris Cells 7.0.0 Revert to File crashes after import of surface to cell
5572 Bug Imaris Cells 7.3.1 Delete Vesicles crashes when two types are used
5634 Bug Imaris Filaments 7.2.3 Manual seed point placement fails if surface mask was made in the scene
5262 Bug Imaris Filaments 7.2.3 Branching Angel B is not calculated correct for nearly all branches
5500 Bug Imaris Surfaces 6.4.0 Contour tracing on time series loses all prior time points
5201 Bug Imaris Surfaces 7.1.1 Saving the scene changes the object positions of the drift correction
5691 Bug Imaris XT 7.2.1 Channel shift in XT doesn't work
5595 Bug Imaris XT 7.3.1 Not compiled XTensions do not work on OSX 10.7 Lion
5507 Bug Imaris XT 7.3.0 Classify Spines does not work in 7.3.0 x32 with Matlab Runtime
5824 Bug File Converter _General 7.3.1 OSX select multiple .OIF causes Crash
5559 Bug File Converter _General 7.3.0 Crash while opening unsupported file type
3970 Bug File Converter _General 6.3.1 Converter fails for some LIF files when option 'Include Image Names' is ON
3290 Bug File Converter _General 6.1.5 "specific folder" path only works if folder already exists
1347 FR Imaris _General 5.7.2 Display of units in Crop 3D
5426 FR Imaris FileIO 7.3.0 Automatically open "settings" for LIF, SLD, ZVI, CXD rather than opening largest image
4849 FR Imaris FileIO 7.1.1 Show Settings Dialog when drag and drop a lei file in Imaris
3928 FR Imaris FileIO 6.4.0 Support ImageJ Image5D (Micro-Manager and ImageJ File format)
2240 FR Imaris FileIO 5.7.1 Compile IMS file name from image name if file contains multiple images (LEI, LIF, Andor iQ, ZVI, Gatan, Metamorph, OpenLab)
5430 FR Imaris License 7.0.0 RLM log is bloated
5086 FR Imaris License 7.2.1 Need option to license individual formats for reading and writing files
4792 FR Imaris Statistics 7.1.1 Output spine density in 1/10um (instead of 1/um)
4701 FR Imaris Statistics 7.1.1 Re-design and Group Statistics onto new Top-Level View (Similar to Surpass)
5047 FR Imaris Surpass 7.2.0 Cellogram (cut out objects/cells from it's 3D environment and draw them side-by-side in a 2D plane)
5023 FR Imaris Cells 7.2.0 Option to split cells by seed points
4684 FR Imaris Filaments 7.1.1 Filament Fastmarching Network (allow post-editing without recalculating arrivaltime image)
5152 FR Imaris XT 7.3.0 new XTension to read super-resolution spot positions
5153 FR Scene Viewer _General 7.2.1 Load ims files into SceneViewer even if there is no scene in it.

Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of Imaris and its features are welcome. Please send your comments to

Last Modification: CL, 14-Dec-2011 

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