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Imaris 7.3.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.3.1 release notes. Version Date: August 10, 2011. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Fixed 31 Bugs (since Imaris 7.3.0)
ID Component Summary
4749 FileIO Zeiss LSM510 no support for stage positions
5206 XT "In some XTensions the position of geometry data (e.g. Spots, or Surfaces) appears not well aligned with Volume or Ortho Slicer"
5383 Surpass Filaments "Filament: ""mouse selects point"" switched to ""mouse selects segment"" after deleting the point using the keyboard shortcut and UI does not reflect this"
5391 Surpass Filaments "Filament Statistics ""Pt Position"" is not available, if Filament is not tracked"
5406 FileIO Crash during export of 7GB BMP files
5419 Statistics "Missing ""Colored Tracks by Statistical Value (e.g. Speed):"""
5431 License Non available Licenses should be disabled (grayed out) in Imaris' License Preferences
5432 License License Administrator: Link to Reference Manual doesn't work
5433 FileIO Runtime Error during File Open in 7.2.3 after Installation of 7.3.0
5434 Surpass Filaments "Description of checkbox ""Expand Selection on full Spines"" is confusing"
5439 Surpass Filaments Deleting filaments in multi-timepoint dataset takes very long time to process.
5440 Surpass Surfaces Surface Scene preview disappears when working with ROI
5443 XT "XTensions ""Split Spots"", ""Split Surfaces"", and ""Split Tracks"" don't work with Matlab 2008a (or older versions)"
5444 XT Ice.jar is not removed when connecting to Fiji
5460 License Can not configure license on a 1366 x 768 screen
5461 License Light Bulb icon alone for Evaluation activation code is not intuitive
5465 FileIO Imaris Crash upon opening a large .IMS generated from Metaviewer slide scanner
5467 XT Spots close to filament broken
5471 Surpass Filaments "Not possible to manually edit tracks, when Filaments have been created manually or with threshold algorithm"
5474 XT Imaris XT - Intensity Profile not working properly
5475 XT Intensity profile XT - Need to support 2D time lapse images
5477 General File Converter leaves behind cache files
5478 XT DetectSpots2 with (invalid) ROI crashes
5487 Surpass Cells Undo Cell Delete does not recover vesicles
5489 General Colorbar of statistical coding visible if the corresponding object is hidden
5493 Snapshot / Animation Crash after deleting multiple keyframes
5499 General Explorer crashes if a dir with a French character contains a IMS file
5508 FileIO Apotome ZVI crashes Imaris on OSX
5511 Installation Installer hangs in registering modules
5514 Batch Agent Batch does not use the available RAM but is caching instead
5519 Surpass Filaments Crash when deleting special selected segment of filament graph


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