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Imaris 7.2.2 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.2.2 release notes. Version Date: March 23, 2011. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Fixed 43 Bugs (since Imaris 7.2.1)
5104 General Texture Cache value limited to 10240 in the preference dialogue
4554 Batch Agent Batch Agent does not save generated files for cells if the output folder does not exist already
5021 Batch Agent batch movie file (slice animation) lists wrong (AVI: compressed) writer
4999 FileIO resample open of middle slice opens slice number 1 instead
5004 FileIO Can not write movies to folders with French characters
5013 FileIO For a file launched from IQ 'Save As' does not open file requester
5020 FileIO slice animation movies are added to recent files list
5029 FileIO Imaris does not fill in the path to the Kinetic disk automatically if the path was filled in manually before
5053 FileIO Opening oib file crashes Imaris
5054 FileIO ICS can not be read nor write from directories which include non ascii characters
5083 FileIO Surpass scene can not be read, if component name has a "<" (XML Error: not well-formed (invalid token) in line XYZ)
5084 FileIO Selecting imx files from older Imaris versions crashes the computer
5089 FileIO Reading scene file does not restore tracking filter creation parameters
5148 FileIO Can not open ome.tiff files
5157 Image Edit Imaris x64 Mac - crash when deleting original channels after a masked channel is generated
5007 License Imaris 7.2 can not check out a floating license if server name includes a dash "-"
4972 Slice Arrow keys fail to move time and slice sliders in Mac OSX
5100 Statistics export for plotting - does not save time stamp
5035 Surpass Fit and 100% button does not update the view correctly after changing the voxelsize
5016 Surpass Cells 'Vesicle distance to closest nucleus center' missing
5085 Surpass Cells Cell component stored in IMX is not valid
5098 Surpass Cells ImarisCell statistics not reporting correctly when analyzing ROI only
5102 Surpass Cells Import Surfaces to Cell crash
5105 Surpass Cells Import Spots(and tracks) to Vesicles in ImarisCell fails for multiple timepoints
5159 Surpass Cells Major difference in object when Surface is imported as Cell
4982 Surpass Filament Scholl Intersections does not recalculate if you change interval
4983 Surpass Filament Pt Track has "graph" icon in detailed statistics, but it is not graphable
5073 Surpass Filament Using "delete" key on autodepth-filament does not "delete"
5075 Surpass Filament Failed .hoc export when auotdepth-filament has no dimensions
5079 Surpass Filament Threshold algorithm generates 'ball' structures in the tree
5142 Surpass Filament Can not draw two crossing segments using manual AutoPath
5143 Surpass Filament Connecting to an existing endpoint with manual AutoPath crashes
5030 Surpass Spots Statistics not updated after drift correction
4902 Surpass Surfaces Second threshold is not listed within the creation parameters
4960 Surpass Surfaces Region of interest lost in saved dataset
5055 Surpass Surfaces Center point of a surface is wrong (it is far outside the surface)
5056 Surpass Surfaces "Duplicate to all Timepoints" crashes Imaris - no crash reporter invoked
4969 Time / Tracking Track jumps from line to line in Track editor.
4998 Time / Tracking connected components tracking not working correctly
5008 Time / Tracking Track Editor spot selection doesn't change time point
5128 Time / Tracking Statistics of tracks with more time points than the dataset crashes Imaris
4928 XT Matlab Compiled Runtime does not work with Distance Transform
4995 XT XTension "Find spots Close to Filaments" shows error message "... must be a 2D array ..." (nevertheless it seems to work)


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Last Modification: CL, 23-Mar-2011

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