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Imaris 7.1.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 7.1.1 release notes. Version Date: Jul 13, 2010. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Fixed 52 Bugs (since Imaris 7.1.0)
ID Summary
3980 Export scene crashes if Off Screen Rendering does not work
4244 Import of ICS/IDS & openlabraw fails from files exported by Volocity 5.3.2
4275 Large scene freezes at 30% import
4306 Cells creation wizard seems to ignore (vesicle?) statistics preferences
4315 File Open Crashes with only Imaris Base license
4317 dm3 file conversion fails although the file is automatically read in in Imaris
4423 "Add Statistics-Annotation" not enabled, if value/object selected from table
4424 Visibility check-box and manual edited text of statistics-annotation affects only the current time point
4425 saving and re-loading statistics-annotations does not work
4427 "Dot" of annotation arrow is at wrong location when doing snapshots
4430 Statistical annotation reduces frame-reate
4431 mouse selection is in "spot mode" instead of "track mode", if tracked objects are loaded from file.
4438 Disconnect in the track editor is directional and non-obvious.
4440 Crash when examining Complex file with multiple filaments and surfaces
4443 Documentation for editing track edges wrong
4445 Track editor crashes with certain tracks/datasets
4446 export scene file corrupted if duplicate surface was modified via rebuild
4448 Imaris failes to load RGB iQ-images
4451 Andor images with pseudo-color are not loaded properly
4453 Tracking Parameter not saved in the rebuild function
4455 Double clicking on the time indicator does not fix the position
4457 Delete track by double click on track ID than Backspace does not work
4458 Statistics and Color Tab crashes for filament tracks
4467 Selection from statistics table not synchronized with selection in 3d view
4468 Select Detailed Stats from Group Object causes Crash.
4471 Tracking spots creashes on various systems, if multithreading is enabled
4472 Spot detection with R18Demo.ims takes significanly longer in Imaris 7.1 compared with 7.0
4473 Strange bahaviour of track editor, when click and drag nodes
4474 Pressing <shift> + <esc> in track editor activates hand-mouse-pointer (but doesnothing)
4475 Track editor is empty, if "show selection" is active, and selection is accidently lost
4476 Track editor: "show selectoin" does not work with unconnected objects
4477 Track editor: ctrl-click to the background should not clear the selection
4479 One tab in the statistic table export has the wrong name
4480 Track Editor: Re-centering after editing track edges is very confusing
4484 Crash when selecting ICS/IDS file
4485 Only IDS file is written
4487 rebuild spots crashes for second spots object
4488 Crash when leaving track-editor if object has no tracks
4489 Track editor without tracks not consistent for spots vs cells
4496 Default selection mode is Spots
4500 Revert Filament in statistics tab crashes
4502 imaris read wrong timestamps from Andor tiff files
4507 Track intensity statistics always refer to Channel 1
4510 Spine Terminal Point Intensity
4511 Andor files with unknown dimensions are not read
4512 No multi-selection possible in statistics tab
4517 Imaris doesn't quit correctly when using the Quit button of the main window.
4518 Imaris crashes when clicking "Center to Selection" with selected filament
4525 Category buttons not working anymore
4526 Imaris crashes when going backward from step 8 to step 6 during autopath creation
4530 Automatic Threshold is 0 for the diameter calculation of dendrite and spine
4540 Crash loading filament on time serie


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Last Modification: CL, 13-JUL-2010

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