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Imaris 6.4.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 6.4.1 release notes. Version Date: Dec 16, 2009. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 6.4.0)
ID Summary
2478 add time points: wrong sequence when selecting multiple images
3405 Import of multitiff 7000 layers very slow.
3612 Delete/add timepoints crashes with lei files
3656 Only one starting point for manual drawn filament in time series.
3721 Surfaces preview unexpectedly switched off / disabled
3815 canceling a Save As operation deletes IMS dataset file
3826 Cannot open file if path directly pasted into text field
3870 Scene Viewer "file open" not able to access application bundle resources
3891 Dendrites not well centered
3900 Clear does not delete always all License path entries
3924 Interface for DataSet is broken
3934 Imaris Crash when Using Volume draw after masked channel creation with surface object
3941 Endless number of 'Merge holes with surfaces' warnings
3951 FpBp does not find the license if there is only Imaris x64 installed
3953 The objects in tree can not be moved by drag&drop
3954 Saved Surfaces do not open in 'finished state'
3960 Navigation back in wizzard does not delete filament
3968 Evaluation license saved in place where it is deleted during reboot
3971 Spot Diameter can not be changed
3973 Imaris 32-bit Application greyed out and not executable as User on OSX 10.6
3974 Online License can not be saved as user
3976 Negative Track Displacement.
3977 Imaris reads wrong timespamps from deltavision files
3978 Minimal tracks rendering quality crashes Imaris
3996 Style and visibility of the different objects in the Settings Tab not displayed correctly
4020 Scene asks to be saved even if dataset has not been modified (by user)
4029 Can not access image processing filters from menu
3012 the tutorial does not help to understand, what a certain surface smoothing value will do
3553 Typos in the reference manual
3564 Typos
3680 Imaris docs: figure images missing (Filament Stats)
3693 need more verbal description of "ar1" track statistics values (not only formula)
3697 Description of "Track Speed Var." is wrong
3962 wrong heading for contour shortcuts overview
3963 Contour Surface in reference manual is a confusing element


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Last Modification: CL, 16-DEC-2009

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