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Imaris 6.3.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 6.3.1 release notes. Version Date: June 15, 2009. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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29 Fixed Bugs (since Imaris ....)
ID Summary
3580 Filament: Centering funtion with time data set crashes Imaris
3577 Cannot read large (stitched) XYT Nikon ND2 file
3574 'Add time points' crashes Imaris
3559 Black and White Thumnails after update to 6.3.0
3557 Coloc uses more memory in 6.3 than 6.2 causes crash
3556 Swap Time and Z corrupts zoom in some datasets
3555 Scale bar on different place on snapshot
3554 Improvision liff files import is not functioning
3551 Scale bar not always visible on Snapshot
3550 Prairie View file reader doesn't recognize some files
3549 Launching Imaris by dragging file onto icon corrupts Display Adjustment textures
3548 Filtering without thresholds removes all objects
3547 Threshold algorithm does not work at all
3546 Crash if Magic Wand is canceled
3542 nd2 Nikon files not correctly adjusted and displayed in the surpass view
3539 'Revert to file' voids Filament object
3534 Autodeblur does not recognize link to Imaris 6.3.0 (imaris installation makes strange registry entries)
3531 Calibration stored in Snapshot-Tiff is wrong, if "Snapshot size from window size" is not checked (important for FpBp)
3521 Crash during spine detection
3520 Display corruption when Imaris is started from Matlab
3508 Corrupt file when saving dataset > 4GB as Imaris 3.0 format
3479 Resample3D + time crashes
3477 Crash in the context of displaying the statistics table / opening another file
3468 New Snapshot interface for 6.3 not reflected in manual
3419 Cutting Surfaces object that was already auto-split causes crash
3374 Data- and Texture Cache Limits badly initialized with (some) Graphics Boards (ATI, NVidia, Windows only)
3116 Keyframe animation does not remember display adjustments for the very first keyframe
2096 Keyframe animation does not save color state


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