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Imaris 6.2.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 6.2.1 release notes. Version Date: Feb 11, 2009. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 6.2.0)
ID Summary
2844 Series readers fills gaps in numbering with black data
2847 Normal rendering black if more than 1 channel vissible
3029 measurement points can't be selected, if statistics tab is activated
3050 Recording date does not change day
3188 Gaussian smoothing crashes if "cancel" is clicked
3241 Add batch for command 'Delete Channels' crashes Imaris
3243 Command 'Set Time Stamps' does not calculate TimeDelta correctly
3259 Cancel Button Causes Crash on OSX
3286 Imaris crashes from open dialog if shell extension active
3300 Thumbnail Extractor not registered by MSI installer
3306 Imaris installer: need RLM server 5.0
3307 Image access 7r3 crashes when Imaris 6.2.0 is installed
3308 Crash when selecting statistics coded color during surface creation
3310 Crash during IsoVolume generation
3314 Tab Color is not working with the External Object
3316 Surface wizard does not reset selected channel, across different scenes
3323 Merge Filament crash
3330 Imaris consumes the ImarisBatchBase2 when running
3332 Surfaces - Edit - Duplicate to All Time Points - non-functional
3335 Cannot Select Measurement Points
3336 Imaris crashes if preferences are changed after delete spots
3338 Change data type crushes histogram
3342 Crash in draw mode
3369 Spot generation 3D time series with background subtraction crashes on XP x64, OS X and Vista X64
3375 Olympus Fluoview 2.0 OIB OIF can not be loaded
3376 Crash at about 75% loading a specific scene on OSX
3396 ObjectManager fails to operate.
3397 Rebuild Filament crashes


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Last Modification: CL, 11-FEB-2009

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