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Imaris 6.2.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 6.2.0 release notes. Version Date: Nov 17, 2008. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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35 Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 6.1.5)
ID Summary
3275 crash, when opening some ome tiff file
3264 Sign of x-coordinates is ignored when reading surfaces from scenes
3234 If the license is pasted into the license path Imaris crashes during start
3226 FluoView TIFF reader broken in 6.0.0 to 6.2.0-beta 3
3219 Imaris reads multi stage position STK series as multiple channels
3211 OME Tiff written by Volocity voxel calibration is not recogniced
3191 switching track style while color is statistics-coded causes crash
3185 Filament creation: start- and end-point threshold classification should not have a unit
3177 Tiff sorter should have more than 5 counters
3172 Drift correction with two Spots objects crashes
3158 Crashes when YZ textures are rendered in TextureTile mode
3142 Split Branch Levels Fails on Manual or Edited Filaments
3140 OME Tiff crashes
3132 'create Surfaces' button of Contour Surface should hide CS object
3119 surfaces edit: single mouse click adds multiple objects
3104 Perkin Elmer files bigger > 1GB can not be saved in IMS 5.5 format
3094 Biovision IPM files not having Voxel Data Read in correctly.
3091 assertion fails related to histogram calculation on loading some Deltavision files
3088 Convex Hull Error when a dublicated Filament is used
3082 Autopath tracing crashes, if starting points are located at the border of the image
3054 InPress panel to long
3052 No description of the network adaptors
3046 Some zvi-files are opened with 6 instead of 4 channels
3044 Edit/Add delete generates surfaces with zero size
3040 Filament statistics description needs to be more detailed
3037 Missing average statistics values
2763 Tiff sorter can not read dimension when all is in one number
2751 Option to enter proxy when there is no license
2663 Icons are mis-aligned for animation toolbar in OS X
1599 AutoPath can not be used to close gap
1477 material pallette missing in 4.5.0 (but GUI still refers to it)
1364 Add 'end time' to equidistant dialog
1325 Connect terminal points with straight line
1068 Macro Facilities
1031 Repeated processing in batch mode


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