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Imaris 6.1.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 6.1.1 release notes. Version Date: May 30, 2008. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Imaris Changed Surfaces Creation Wizard:
  • seed point detection uses always "background subtraction"
  • seed point preview: no ortho slicer by default
  • split touching objects moved to step 3 (threshold)

  • Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 6.1.0)
    ID Summary
    3048 STK file from Autodeblur could not be read
    3047 Filament 'No. Scholl Intersections' is allways zero
    3034 Certain Files Cause Crash in Preview step in Surface Creation
    3030 XTensions on Vista x64 do not work.
    3027 Scene file with activated color coding of tracks crashes
    3026 Mask channel crashes
    3022 Add single spot to tracks crashes imaris
    3019 Surfaces: "Duplicate for all Time Points" is always gray
    2950 Intensity profile along a line in time and space
    2860 Parts of channel rendered black
    1187 Seed + fill object segmentation
    1144 Scale bar in 3D View


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    Last Modification: CL, 30-MAY-2008

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