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Imaris 6.0.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 6.0.1 release notes. Version Date: Feb 20, 2008. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

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Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 6.0.0)
ID Summary
1915 Imaris crashes when loading a "strange" file
2025 Delete in Coloc View deletes selected Item in Surpass Tree
2080 include x y z positions in Sort tab
2128 Intensity statistics f�r spots on 2D dataset
2232 Internet connection does not work in some networks
2239 Make setup parameters of objects available
2457 bpAdapter does not work with ImageJ 1.36 Java jre1.6.0_02
2549 Shortest Path calculation can not be canceled
2607 Undock Statistics window -- cannot redock Statistics Windows
2710 500 MB 3D ICS files can not be stored on network drive
2718 Filament End Point diameter ignored without TAB or ENTER
2736 Filament Draw mode "Manual" can't make branches
2742 Zeiss LSM channel informations in wrong order
2756 Emission Wavelength not assigned as channel colour
2758 When only Total number of spots is selected, filter dialog crashes
2760 No Imaris window when maximised Imaris was closed on second monitor
2762 spots::GetStatistics returns empty array
2764 Selction of multiple surfaces in 3D View not possible
2766 multiple drag-drop does not work
2768 Cannot Save Image
2774 Save scene of splitted IsoSurfaces crashes
2776 Display Adjustment: Frame grid spacing goes to default
2779 scenes with spots from older imaris versions are corrupt when loaded with imaris 6.0.0
2780 Filament does not load from Scene file
2784 Crash by clicking on open file
2790 Perkin Elmer time series can not be loaded
2792 12-bit TIFs exported by ImagePro not readable
2793 Statistics settings are not available: Filament w/o Meas. Pro
2799 Imaris Personal always crashes
2802 1-bit STK files can't be read
2803 Olympus OIB reader crashes Imaris
2804 Imaris 600 can not read incomplete Biorad .pic series
2805 Crash when generating very big isosurfaces (2 x 2M+ triangles)
2814 Tiff imported by FpBp can not be moved
2819 Tracking manual added spots crashes
2820 Finish tracking with selected track crashes
2827 Filament creation with Threshold method does not work
2837 LIF time problems on OSX
2843 spot detection for 2d image fails
2845 Shadow projection does not update after dataset changes
2849 5.7.2-scene loaded with imaris6.0.0 can not load datasets with 5.5-format


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