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Imaris 5.7.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 5.7.0 release notes. Version Date: Apr 27, 2007. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

[Fixed Bugs

  • Changed mouse buttons for Surpass Zoom: Old: left- and middle-mouse-buttons together. New: only middle-mouse-button. All Imaris views use now the same mouse buttons for zooming.
  • File-IO Support for Perkin Elmer Files (.zpo .tim)
  • New License Manager (RLM): The Floating License Server has a HTML-based Userinterface for starting and stopping the service, and inspecting the current license usage. The Floating License server can be configured for including and excluding specified clients. Etc.
Surface Scissors

    The Surface Scissors allow a manual splitting of two touching Surface objects (after IsoSurface segmentation).

  • Select the "edit"-Tab of a surface object
  • In order to execute a vertical cut, rotate the camera and tilt the connected objects into a horizontal orientation.
  • "shift-click" with the 3D-Cursor at the position of the cut (a yellow line appears), Rotate the camera in order to see if the cut fits.
  • Press the "Cut" Button from the edit tab (the object splits into two individual surface objects).
Volume Painter

    The Volume Painter allows to adjust voxel intensities before a segmentation by IsoSurface, Spots or Filament is done. E.g. if an automatic algorithm is not able to separate two objects, the intensity between these two objects can be erased in advance.

    Activate the "Draw"-Tab from the volume object. Rotate the Camera in order to be able to execute a vertical cut. Position 3D-Cursor, and use mouse wheel to adjust diameter.
    Press "shift-left-click" to create a preview, adjust painter shape and width in the "draw" dialog. Set intensity to 0 in order to erase a region, or set intensity to 255 to fill a region.
    Press "Set Intensity": Preview disappears, voxel intensities are changed.
Volume Rendering
    "Normal Shading" (Iso Surface-like Volume Rendering) 
    Volume Normal Shading Iso Surface
    All Channels
    are 100%
    Blue Channel
    is semi trans-
    The illustration above shows a comparison between the new "normal rendering" mode of the Surpass volume renderer and the IsoSurface. Display Adjustments Min and Max are set to an identical value (threshold). The Light direction influences the shading of the volume.

    Please note:
  • The transparency of the volume looks more "Fog"-like, which gives an impression of object depth. The transparency of the IsoSurface does not allow a conclusion of object depth.
  • Normal Blending make extensive use of the Pixel Shader, and requires a good graphics board.
Shadow Projection

    The entire Surpass scene can produce shadows on the three planes of the Frame Objects. Select the Frame Object, and check the "Shadow"-Box. Use the "Shading"-Slider in order to adjust the contrast. The rendering is done in real-time, and it requires a good performance of the graphics board (depending of the complexity of the scene).
Navigation Window

    This window can be activated by pressing the "Navi"-Button in the status bar, or CTRL+N from the keyboard. The navi can be activated individually for each Imaris view.

  • Left-click onto the Navi-Window and drag it to any desired corner
  • Double click onto the Navi-Window in order to switch off the automatic "snap-to-corner-mode". You can then drag it to any desired location.
  • Left-Click onto a corner of the Navi-Window in order to resize it.
  • Right-Click into the Navi-Window in order to pan to the clicked position (moves the small yellow window).
Imaris File Converter

    From Imaris select menu "File / Batch Convert...". From Windows Start menu select "ImarisFileConverter". The Program allows to setup a list of files, and convert all of them into the Imaris 5.5 file format. If you provide a valid Imaris License, the tool can also create other file formats (the same formats like "Save as�" from Imaris).
Tabbed Tool Bars

    Toolbars from different sides of the main window can be undocked, and re- docked on the same side (e.g. left). They either can be docked as multiple tabs, or like in earlier versions of Imaris side by side. Especially in combination with InPress, the tabs save a lot of screen area.

Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 5.5.3)
2372 Imaris x32 kills cache files of Imaris x64 (and vice versa), and causes the other application to crash
2368 Right clicking in Crop3D view shows context menu
2354 There is no Ctrl-M shortcut on the Mac
2353 Data cache limit is set too high in some cases
2348 FpBp reads the file-path as BP_ImageName instead of the image name
2337 IsoSurface histogram not updated
2331 Loading a lsm file crash coloc
2325 Crash modifying the colormap
2311 IsoSurface tracking fails
2297 Region growing produces too few surface objects
2287 Resample only in Z resamples also in X and Y
2286 SurfaceObject Scissors can not close borders in the following case
2275 There is no progress bar when exporting a scene file
2273 Tracking gives negative statistics
2272 Quicktime VR clicking on cancel does not work
2267 Adding a measurement points on the oblique slicer does not work
2264 Save bigger file to AVI crashes
2262 Extensions appear in Imaris even if the ImarisXT-License is not available
2257 Resample 3D corrupts dataset
2248 Filereader license not checked out correctly the very first time Imaris is started
2246 Sorting of blocks with orthogonal camera wrong
2244 Channel selection not reset upon file open
2243 BPSpotsAndSurfacesDistance.m reports wrong distances
2237 Slice number different then in Slice view
2233 FpBp missing
2231 SFP Volume rendering crash after Crop3D
2229 Adding Clipping Plane crashes
2225 552 IsoSurface 4 times slower than 503
2224 Stripes in Z views of Section Viewer
2223 Isosurface cancel => crash
2222 Volume crashes in TextureTile mode
2216 Loading scene: MeasurementPoint not shown
2214 File open crash on OS X 10.3.9
2196 Keyframe toolbar: vertical resize doesn't work
2195 Image properties mapped color window black
2181 Resampling Open loads wrong data range for Imaris 5.5 file
2177 Crash if play button is pressed before adding first keyframe
2172 InPress and scalebar show up multiple times in big snapshots
2169 Modifing a Oblique Slicer Keyframe crashes
2146 Fix light to dataset" disabled and navigate => Imaris crashes
2120 Creating a Filament from a 2D image crashes Imaris
2119 Creating an Isosurface crashes Imaris
2086 Floating licenses don't easily work on multi-user Macintosh
2003 ICS file export craches if data bigger 2Gb
2002 Gauss of IsoSurface limited to 99
1993 Resample Open Original Size to small
1964 Time functions should be grayed out
1962 ImarisPersonal: Load Scene crashes
1961 Wrong XTension icon / tooltip in surpass toolbar
1906 Wrong position of light
1899 Easy3D empty
1878 Crash when Biorad file of Huygens is read
1855 Swap Time and Z /Undo SwapZwithT
1821 Maximized Imaris windows looses title bar
1804 Menu "Image Properties" crashes Imaris if Y dataset size = 1
1760 Imaris crashes when Matlab is not installed in expected directory
1735 Shift select ignores the first objects
1714 Check for updates now does not report 4.5.1
1713 Easy3D time animation crash
1700 Not very meaningful error when Surpass license not available
1679 Resampling Open: mouse pointer does not drag limit
1636 Shift-click on Volume does not add MeasurementSpot
1385 For a 2D time series the texture cache limit has no effect
901 Imaris crashes if a autodeblurx-xml-file is selected for loading
820 Rebuilding an iso surface changes its color
806 Progressbar of loading scene in background
792 Upper Threshold not anymore checked when 'Rebuild' is used.
791 Shift+Click in surface tree and keyboard are not exactly synchronised


Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of Imaris and its features are welcome. Please send your comments to

Last Modification: CL, 27-APR-2007

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