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Imaris 5.5.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 5.5.0 release notes. Version Date: Dec 21, 2006. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

[Fixed Bugs

Large Images
    Imaris can open and render huge images. The zoom sequence above shows a
    3 channel image with a size of x = 34664, y = 22043, z = 23 (approximately 50 GB).
  • Image data size can exceed the physical available RAM. Data, which does not fit into the RAM is cached to disk (earlier versions of Imaris were only able to do this with time lapse images). If the system has multiple disks, Imaris can use all of them parallel. This accelerats caching I/O. Go to menu "edit / perferences / calculation / data cache", and add some paths for the temporary cache files (it's not recommended to specify multiple paths on the same disk).
  • Ultrafast reading and rendering from image files stored in the new Imaris 5.5 file format: A volume rendering of the above example appears after a few seconds. Rendering performance is optimized for Slice, Section, Gallery, SurpassOrthoSlice, SurpassObliqueSlice, SurpassVolume.
  • Oblique slicer
  • Improved volume rendering quality
  • Extended Keyframe Animation
Context Help
  • Context sensitive reference manual
  • MSI-based installer for Windows (32bit)
  • Optional installation of Explorer Thumbnails (ImarisThumbnailExtractor.dll)
  • Initial settings dialog for image and texture cache limits: The dialog appears only once after installation. Later the values can be modified in "edit / preferences / calculation / data cache / memory limit" and "edit / perferences / display / dispaly / texture cache limit".
  • Initial hardware-check for enhanced 3d-texture rendering (this uses the pixel shader unit of the newer generation graphics boards).
  • New File Format: Ome Tiff
  • Resampling Open works now for all Image Formats (In earlier versions the following formats were not supported: Imaris 2.7 Classic, Leica Series, Leica TCS-NT, Zeiss LSM410, Zeiss LSM310)
  • Removed Edgepreserving Filter and Local Contrast from Image Processing menu.

Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 5.0.3)
759 Loading a 480 MB dataset produces "out of memory"
1592 Number of triangles etc. is zero
1943 Scenes don't load correctly with changed orientation.
1954 Crop 3D much slower
1957 Snapshot crashes if InPress license is off in Imaris
1969 MeasurementPoint on IsoSurface not movable
1971 Second figure in InPress can not be deleted
1975 "...all Time Points" not working for Filament AutoPath wizard
1997 Exporting a group containing frame to .iv file crashes Imaris
1999 Statistics tab on Meas.Points & isosurface crashes for 2D data
2000 Creating a snapshot crashes Imaris
2005 Permanent license not accepted
2010 Up/down arrow does not work in manual mode
2011 Measurement Point can not be placed on IsoSurface
2026 Right click as description Button Set Starting Point
2033 Pressing "Enter" in Display Adjustment starts AutoBlend
2066 Export a figure in InPress crashes Imaris
2099 exporting a scene with a frame crashes Imaris
2107 Track merge adds more than one connection
2134 Scene with contour corrupt
2147 Snapshot button crashes Imaris Personal
2154 Resampling open cannot resample time
2156 Accidental typing in zoom box causes Imaris to hang
2161 Cache files are named with a number only
2162 When two Imaris are started, the second one erases the cache files of the first instance
2163 Dataset using colortables are poorly rendered


Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of Imaris and its features are welcome. Please send your comments to

Last Modification: CL, 21-DEC-2006

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