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Imaris 5.0.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 5.0.0 release notes. Version Date: May 25, 2006. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

[Fixed Bugs

  • Introducing Imaris for Macintosh
 Shaped Spots
  • Quick Start Tutorials (Menu "Help / Quick Start Tutorials"): An easy entrance to learn Imaris
  • Evaluation: Downloads a temporary license from the Bitplane server, which allowes an evaluation of Imaris without any restrictions for several days. If there is no valid license available, Imaris prompts for it.
  • FpBp.ocx, the Imaris plugin for Image Access is installed together with this version.
  • InMotion (former "Swing" mode) available from main tool bar
  • Quad Buffer stereo reactivated (activatig this stereo mode requires a high end graphics board with OpenGl stereo enabled. E.g. Nvidia Quadro)
  • Perspective of Camera can be changed from nearely othogonal to fish-eye

  • COM interface documentation is now installed with Imaris (Menu "Help / Programming Interface").
  • Clipping plane has now a COM interface
  • Frame has now a COM interface
  • Filament COM interface extended by "mSelectedVertexIndex"

Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 4.5.2)
900 Triangle reduction with empty surface crashes
1551 Main toolbar icons are to small
1615 Channel Shift Has No Effect Along z-Axis
1631 Tracking scene loaded very slow in surpass
1645 reading 16-bit tiff: wrong byte ordering
1666 Frame shading off in volume->MIP
1692 FbBp License not found
1696 System crash during time animation
1697 Preferences crashes when Surpass license deactivated
1704 Quicktime VR camera still
1720 Path(s) for color map palette file import/export should be remembered (or fixed)
1722 2D mask channel crash
1723 One surplus keyframe when loading a key frame animation from a saved scene file
1727 Masked channel gets horizontal stripes
1728 Leica LEI parameters missing
1729 Imaris doeas not restore window settings when started from Matlab
1731 Starting imaris from matlab causes \Panic! There must only be one instance\""
1733 BPSmoothTime.m XTension does not work
1736 Open dialog crashes Imaris if selected folder has a Perkin Elmer .htm file
1737 Leica LIF crashes Imaris
1741 Selection color is not cleared when a different track is selected
1750 Read only one Time Point ingnored
1757 Load Scene causes XML Error
1758 Imaris crashes if starting with ImarisPersonal license only
1761 Leica LIF with widefield data crashes Imaris
1767 Crash when MeasurementSpot is renamed
1768 Problems to move Measurement Points on IsoSurface
1770 QuicktimeVR crashes Imaris
1771 Setting extends from COM interface freezes Imaris (crash)
1773 Selecting a ClippingPlane in the 3D-View does not select the clipping plane in the surpass tree
1774 Position of clipping plane in surpass tree lost when reloading a scene file
1775 Limited range for positioning a measurement point numerically (0 to 100)
1776 Image processing dialog channel list not updated, if channel is added od deleted
1781 Codec not found
1782 Delete timepoint 1 crashes Imaris
1785 Open File - Settings slow
1787 Save window does not open for Zeiss LSM dataset on DVD
1788 Activate Illumination for deactivated Volume crashes
1790 Description of IDataSet::SetChannelColorTable
1791 P-value calculation does not work
1799 Time serie recording is off-by-one frame, inserts/duplicates first frame
1811 No Masking with contour surface in 64-bit
1815 AVI FourCC setting option is missing from 5.0 alpha
1816 Imaris can't save Indeo 5 / MPEG4v2 AVI movies on Win x64
1818 file open dialog takes minutes to open
1834 Can not read image with dot in path
1846 Adding channels while IP Dialog open crashes Imaris
1851 The saved relative path of a dataset from an already loaded scene file is wrong


Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of Imaris and its features are welcome. Please send your comments to

Last Modification: CL, 25-MAY-2006

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