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Imaris 4.5.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 4.5.0 release notes. Version Date: January 20, 2006. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

[Fixed Bugs


The ImarisInPress control panel is integrated into the view control bar of the current view. For better handling it can also be un-docked by dragging it off its integrated position or clicking on the docking icon (top right, next to x).

Using the ImarisInPress control you define the figure legend with annotation texts the visual appearance, and export the figure (in this version HTML only).

The figure to the left shows different annotation styles made with ImarisXT. The attachment to a 3D position remains intact when the scene is rotated, zoomed, or panned.

  • Swing mode:
    A Novel 3D viewing and precise interaction mode. Imaris produces a real 3D impression by a smooth animation of the view. This helps to get an understanding of the image depth, while manipulating with Surpass objects: Spots, Filaments, Measurement Points.

    (click the image to download a movie)

  • Quick Time VR:
    Export your Surpass scene, and visualize it interactively in your Presentation.

  • Zoom value can be edited numerically
  • 100% sets zoom to 1 pixel/voxel and centers the image
  • Fit adjusts the zoom to best fit the image into the window
  • Full screen maximizes the viewing area to the screen
  • The status bar can be turned off and on in the "view" menu.
  • Works in ALL Imaris views

View Origin
  • The origin of the coordinate system can be set to any corner of all the views:
    Bottom Left, Top Left, Bottom Right, or Top Right (menu "View")

  • Added support for 64-bit hardware architecture
  • Creation wizzard for Isosurfaces
  • Easy 3D automatically re-calculates image upon changes.
  • Any Imaris view can now be used as image processing preview
  • New Local Contrast function enhances object contrast based on local intensity differences
  • Imaris stores last active viewer in preferences
  • Various new keyboard shortcuts and icons in menu


Imaris extends the file explorer:

Explorer Detail View

The above figure shows a folder's detail view with additional Bitplane fields such as the number of time points and the number of channels. Several additional fields are available such as voxel size, image description, or detailed file format.

Windows Explorer Thumbnails

The above figure shows a folder's thumbnail view. The thumbnails are generated with the Imaris extension. An icon at the corner indicates the image type:

2D Image

2D-Time Image

3D Image

3D-Time Image

The above figure shows the file association dialog for the thumbnail creator (Imaris: Edit Menu). Thumbnails will be created and MetaData will be extracted from all checked file types.

File I/O +



High-Precision Center Lines and Diameters


Following the creation process which can be automatic or manual or a combination of both, Imaris centers the middle-axis of the dendrite (Center button) and computes the diameters from the image (Diameter button). Using subsequent "Smooth" operations on the whole filament will level out too large variations in the filament diameter which were perhaps introduced by uneven staining.

The above figure shows the result of the "Center" operation.

The above figure shows the image using volume rendering in yellow and two automatically detected dendrites in red. Note the variable diameters which are also taken into account when computing the volume of the filament or segment.

ImageProcessing ImarisXT has a new class called "IImageProcessing" with the methods listed below. These functions allows you to also use Imaris' image processing functions in your own application.
AnisotropicDiffusionFilterChannel AnisotropicDiffusionFilterDataSet BaselineSubtractChannel BaselineSubtractDataSet ContrastStretchChannel ContrastStretchDataSet DetectFilament DetectIsoSurface DetectSpots FastMarchingArrivalTimeChannel FastMarchingArrivalTimeDataSet Flip3DChannel Flip3DDataSet GammaCorrectChannel GammaCorrectDataSet GaussFilterChannel GaussFilterDataSet GaussianDerivativeChannel GaussianDerivativeDataSet InvertChannel InvertDataSet MedianFilterChannel MedianFilterDataSet Shift3DChannel Shift3DDataSet ShortestPath SubtractBackgroundChannel SubtractBackgroundDataSet ThresholdBothChannel ThresholdBothDataSet ThresholdChannel ThresholdDataSet ThresholdUpperChannel ThresholdUpperDataSet 

Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 4.2.0)
893 Acquisition date is failing with Olympus fluoview files
897 Unit string not correctly read in Till files
899 Voxel size in ome files
901 imaris crashes if a autodeblurx-xml-file is selected for loading
908 scene file doesn't store keyframe spacings
1378 Imaris can not load 1-bit (black and white) tiff images
1383 Changing tracking render quality crashes Imaris
1387 Shell Extension Explorer Crash
1390 Output of Instantaneous velocity
1392 Splittinh a Surface Object created by Contour surface crashes Imaris
1398 'add time points', etc. needs support for proprietary file formats
1414 Error when big files are stored on network and refrenced by ImarisAccess
1428 Can't load dataset from scene file if file location has changed
1431 ImarisXT (Matlab) call to mSizeZ resets timestamps
1471 Opening Preferences: Imaris crashes if Surpass License is unchecked and a Floating license server is used
1573 Cannot load data from scene file if name of data file contains ampersand (&).


Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of Imaris and its features are welcome. Please send your comments to

Last Modification: CL/MM, 20-JAN-2006

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