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Imaris 4.2.0 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 4.2.0 release notes. Version Date: MAY 27, 2005. 
Please have a look to the Overview of Imaris Release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

[Imaris Measurement Pro
[Imaris Tracking
[Fixed Bugs

 Volume Rendering
  • Minimum intensity projection (for images with a white background)
  • Shadow Projection: When enabling the Illumination for the volume rendering, the current direction of the light source(s) of the Surpass scene are used to shade the volume depending on the density (intensity) of the voxels. When rotating the object, the shadow remains constant, unless the "Fix Light(s) to Data Set" option is unchecked. This mode replaces the Full3D view.
 Multiscale Spots

  • If the Multiple Radii checkbox is activated, the spot detection algorithm searches for spherical objects of variable diameter. Thus a measurement of volume and surface area can be done (statistical output requires Imaris Measurement Pro). Compared to the standart spot detection with a fixed radius, the objects shape has to resemble better to a sphere.
  • Some predefined files with colormaps are now installed with Imaris: C:\Program Files\Bitplane\Imaris 4\colortables
File I/O
  • BMP file series reader is now adjustable (like the adjustable TIFF series)
  • Support for reading JPEG images (adjustable file series)
  • Support for reading GIF images (adjustable file series)

Imaris Measurement Pro
Statistics Sorting

  • Groups (folders) have now a "Sorting Tab". This tab allows sorting the objects within that group by any statistics value. The illustrated example shows tracks sorted by the track length. The longest track will appear as first child object of the group in the Surpass tree. The sorting tab also shows a histogram, where the numerical range of the statistics value (e.g. track length), and the number of objects (e.g. tracks) depending on the statistics value is displayed. By clicking into the histogram, a reduced part of the objects can be visualized, ore selected (the image below shows tracks segmented by its length into two classes: gray short tracks, and colored long tracks).
Statistics Values
  • New Statistics Values for Surface Object, Iso Surface, and Contour Surface: Center of Image Mass (x, y, z), Ellipsoid Axis Length (a, b, c), Ellipticity (oblate), Ellipticity (prolate), Sphericity.
    New Statistics values for Spots: Area, Intensity Min, Intensity Max, Intensity Median, Intensity Sum, Number of Voxels, Volume.
    New Statistics values for Track: Duration, Displacement, Straightness
  • The most desired set of statistics values can be specified (for display, export to MS Excel, or sorting). Imaris stores this preferences for an individual User.

Imaris Tracking
  • Dragon tails: Visulizes movment of a track over time. Instead of showning a track in its entire length on all time points, only parts of it is shown depending on current time point.
  • Displacement: New visualisation mode shows displacment of a track as an arrow.
  • A choice of Brownian MotionAutoregressive MotionAutoregressive Motion GapClose, or Connected Components is available to track Spots or Iso Surfaces (in the past, Iso Surfaces could only be tracked by connected components, and spots could only be tracked by brownian or autoregressive motion).
  • Autoregressive Motion GapClose: It happens that the object segmentation fails for some time points. This can break a track apart into two tracks. The gapclosing algorithm tries to continue the movement of a disapperaring object and connects the tracks if it reappears. The image sequence below shows two objects. One object is stationary and the other objects moves from right to left. The spot detection of the moving object failed in the middle image. However the gapclosing algorithm produced a correct track (red line).
  • A time color bar in the Surpass view displays the color coding for tracks. The time color bar can be switched ion and off in the frame settings.

  • Autopath is better centered. The images below show the difference: the left image shows two path's created with Imaris 4.1.3, the image on the right is created with this version of Imaris. Also the speed for attaching a new path to the filament is improved. (Autopathdrawing was introduced with Imaris 4.1.0) 

  • Installation and deinstalladion of a m-XTension can easily be done by copying (or deleting) a file into the installation directory of Imaris (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Bitplane\Imaris 4\XTensions")

Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 4.1.3)
572 Zeiss AxioVision File not loaded
751 Color Table for Float Images does not work
762 Preferences (and image properties) crash with Nvidia graphics driver 66.93�
795 using Imaris.Application.FileOpen display a question window in Imaris�
803 Delete all contours -> draw new contour: crash
805 'Add New Track - Create from Threshold' crashes
821 Loading IMS-time series (32x 32y 4z 2c 3000t) takes 10 minutes
825 Large number of tracks is difficult to be sorted
828 Couldn't open Zeiss LSM410, LSM310
831 Imaris fails to recognize Zeiss LSM pixel size unit (um).
839 Colormaps. The image data range seems to be limited to values between 0 - 255
844 Channel color white if launched from ImageAccess
845 IsoSurface dead slow with Nvidia driver 66.93
847 drag&drop perkinelmer file in Imaris does not work
850 Could not load Axio Vision Sample Images (CD 23 / 11.2004)
852 Crop Limits in Resampling File Open doesn�t work correctly with Zeiss LSM510 files
853 Zeiss LSM wrong channel color
856 404 error link in Imaris 'Demo n info' documents
859 Unit string is failing when a lsm file is loaded
861 Crash during start from file
867 Inconsistent object visibility in tracks
869 Set Coloc histogram to 'all time points' -> 2D histogram displays time point 1 until a histogram or image is clicked on
870 Not possible to load Leica TCS 4D file
871 Spot statistics numbers on time slider start with 1, in statistics with 0
872 merge/connect tracks crashes Imaris
873 Track Groups should get numbers
874 IsoSurface Brownian Motion Progress Bar stays
878 Corrupt default of spot diameter
881 keyboard support for moving orthoslicer and timeslicer
888 can't set multiple autopath starting points by clicking in Volume object
889 Zeiss LSM time calibration not loaded


Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of Imaris and its features are welcome. Please send your comments to

Last Modification: CL, 27-MAY-2005

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