Imaris | Release Notes and Bug Fixes

Imaris 4.1.3 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 4.1.3 release notes. Version Date: DEC 22, 2004. 
Please read Imaris 4.1.2 release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

[Fixed Bugs

Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 4.1.2)
777 spots , write scene file => crash�
776 ImarisXT crash after mSizeC = mSizeC + 1�
704 Demo link BUY NOW is not working properly�
386 smooth lines does not work after snapshot�
781 Selceting an item in surpass tree sometimes changes mouse into drag&drop mode�
778 Loading a scene without loaded dataset crashes Imaris�
772 Deleting an imported filament scene and loading an image afterwards crashes�
673 Imaris stores only one server into the license path�
632 Track folders are expanded when scene is imported�
518 Unit of measurement missing�
773 changing licenses using Config... does not work properly�
655 Edges with zero length�
649 Last added filament is not shown time dependent�
628 VRML export corrupt�
626 'Could not load scene' error if no volume loaded�
624 Gallery visible area changes�
780 pressing 'space' during startup of imaris produces a crash�
740 Coloc crash with mask from countour�
349 Zeiss channel parameter random imported�
774 FpBp does not find the license path�
742 Surpass scene of time dataset shows all filaments in all time points�
737 Shift + Left-Click sets a filament vertex and Measurement Point�
712 Surface corrupt if displayed alone�
609 Imaris does not store NA into ICS�
416 menu 'view/toolbars/...' is incomplete�
268 LSM 510 upside down (same as ID 152)�
770 contour statistics has no unit�
769 Timepoints are not read for Olympus CellR standard�
767 memory issue in contour surface�
787 Unchecking Surpass(Surpass) license via uncheck all crashes Imaris�
789 MIP causes loss of stereo (horiz / vert )�
682 Gauss could change contour surface heavily�
783 visualized threshold of surpass volume depends on channel opacity�
786 isosurface of negative float values�
784 changing display adjustment for first channel modifies volume threshold of second channel
681 Contour in single layer produces no surface�
469 In a continuos selection (shift) the first item appears unselected�
344 NA of Zeiss AxioVision not interpreted�
782 Select/Deselect in surpass tree with keyboard - Display problems�
226 gallery: wrong slice description�


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Last Modification: CL, 22-DEC-2004

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