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Imaris 4.1.2 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 4.1.2 release notes. Version Date: DEC 03, 2004. 
Please read Imaris 4.1.1 release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

[Imaris Time / Measurement Pro
[Fixed Bugs

Imaris & Surpass
  • Selective floating license checkout (preferences / license)

Imaris Time / Measurement Pro
Excel Statistics
  • Excel pivot tables work with all MS office versions (not only Office2K)
  • Spot Statistic (CenterIntensity, SphereMeanIntensity, SphereStdDevIntensity)
  • Voxel statistics for volume

ImarisXT is a new module released with Imaris 4.1.2. ImarisXT is a multi-functional two-way interface from Imaris to both classic programming languages and to Matlab. ImarisXT allows to integrate custom task-oriented algorithms for image processing, segmentation, classification, or reporting into Imaris..

Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 4.1.1)
731 Leica and Zeiss parameters wrong/missing�
729 Nodelocked & floating temporary license longer 60 d does not work
733 fpbp parameters�
709 files locked by fpbp.ocx�
748 Topography crashes when 'File...' is used�
738 imaris classic saves time series wrong�
727 Imaris crashes when loading a not Olympus OIB file�
723 Several Olympus OIB files are not recognised�
699 contour surface crashes with large datasets�
757 Imaris export to ImageAccess - several problems�
728 Threshold set back to default�
726 New clipping plane:�
758 Snapshot is not updated - OffScreen mode�
750 Undo Swap Time and Channel does not work�
708 Adjustable Tiff reader can not read AutoQuant 16 bit Tiff�
706 Coord axis in slice view cannot be switched off for 4D images�
702 Multiple Imaris 4 entries in Windows deinstall tool�
666 Surpass scene not loaded when it fails ones�
730 Navigation is blocked when automatic placement is checked�
643 open/save windows not any more resizeable�
540 Imaris reports wrong OS�


Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of the Beta products listed above are more than welcome! Please send your comments directly to the product management ( )

Last Modification: CL,  03-DEC-2004 

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