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Imaris 4.0.6 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 4.0.6 release notes. Version Date: JUN 07, 2004. 
Please read Imaris 4.0.5 release notes for information about prior released features and fixed bugs.

[Imaris Measurement Pro
[Fixed Bugs

File I/O
  • The Olympus file reader newly supports FluoView-1000 files.
  • Added a new reader for the IPLab file.
  • Updateed OME file reader / writer (additional parameters
  • Instant update of Surpass view (orthogonal slice, volume) during Display adjustment changes.
  • Online licensing makes it easy to install node locked licenses (more ...)

  • Excel export to multiple worksheets (including aggregated values and time statistics).


Drift Correction

The precision of the drift correction has been improved in this release.

The figure above shows the Surpass object tree with Track2 selected. Track 2 is shown below and has been computed from an object which only moves because of stage drift and does not show any real motion.

Clicking on "Correct Drift" will translate the entire image in such a way that the blue object being tracked above remains stationary in the corrected image.


  • Movie showing the original time series before correction (MPG, 333 kB)
  • Movie showing the corrected image (MGP, 410 kB)
Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 4.0.5)
642 Surface got from xz contour has wrong orientation�
641 Slice Image not displayed in Contour Surface�
638 Contour drawing slice empty�
618 Crash during histogram creation for many timepoints�
640 Crash during tracking stat export to Excel�
623 Time values should be capable of float values for seconds�
613 A track shows still some movement in spite of "correct drift".
604 No Z voxel size�when reading ICS files stored with AutoDeblur


Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of the Beta products listed above are more than welcome! Please send your comments directly to the product management ( )

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