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Imaris 4.0.5 Release Notes

Welcome to the Imaris 4.0.5 release notes. In this version we have changed the configuration of Imaris and introduced a lot of key features. Version Date: FEB 13, 2004.

[Imaris Time / Imaris Measurement Pro
[Imaris FilamentTracer
[Imaris Coloc
[Fixed Bugs

  • The Module is now available as common Imaris module.
Image Processing
  • Delete Slice
  • Channel Shift
  • Edge preserving Filter (anisotropic diffusion filter)
  • Background Subtraction
  • Connective Baseline
  • Performance of Gaussian filter improved. The duration is no longer dependant on the filter size!
File I/O
  • CellR reader
  • CellR writer
  • OME Xml reader
  • OME Xml writer
  • Nikon ICS reader
  • Imaris 4D single file reader
  • Imaris 4D single file writer
  • Save Slice animation as AVI or Mpeg
  • Clipping Plane selectively clips objects.
  • Extended Section in Ortho Slicer (+ and � on numeric keypad increases or decreases depth of field)
  • Fast axis change on OrthoSlicer with right mouse button click in selection mode.
  • Double Threshold Iso Surface
  • Mask Channel from Surface Object and Iso Surface allowing users to work on arbitrary regions of interest.
  • Flexlm Version 9.2
  • License server all licenses checked out message
  • Resizable channel visibility window

Imaris Time / Imaris Measurement Pro
File I/O
  • Imaris 4D single file reader
  • Imaris 4D single file writer
Tracking with ImarisTrack spots with 3 different algorithms: Brownian motion, autoregressive motion, or new Diatrack algorithm from Semasopht.

Imaris FilamentTracer
FilamentTracer is a new module and has been released with Imaris 4.0.4. For the current release the graphics performance and quality has been improoved. Multiple Filament objects can now be merged into a single filament object.

Imaris Coloc
  • different snapshots for image and histogram

Fixed Bugs (since Imaris 4.0.4)
347 Fluoview Reader Error 347
463 Save Imaris 3 datasets with a running number in the middle fails�
531 ICS import from AD 9.1.2 fails�
538 Tree List must be inactivated while loading scene�
566 multiple imaris 4d files are interpreded as series�
571 Show Object Shape slow�
575 export -> load spot tracking scene causes unrecoverable error�
576 Track scene looses time colormap property�
567 Mask Channel results shows spikes�
372 Position of light not correct restored with scene�
483 Patchy AVI export�
519 Imaris freezes when saved scene is loaded�
525 contour disappears during image processing�
534 Cancel track statistics calculation crashes Imaris�
535 Shadow in Full3D shows ugly stripes�
542 scene file restores wrong light position�
548 FilamentTracer: Cancel graph compilation crashes Imaris�
560 Crash when Track Group is selected�
577 filamenttracer crash if progress is canceled�
580 Refrence to wrong 4D dataset�
581 Import of 4D Tiff series from Imaris fails�
582 Repeated save as Tiff series does show all images which will be over written
584 Delete Spots Object crashes Imaris�
587 Zeiss AxioVision channel are splitted�
590 Measurement Point on Orthoslicer�
591 2D spot detection puts two spots in the same place�
592 In Excel numbers with 1.## have wrong format.�
594 fileopen crashes imaris if contour statistics viewer open�
343 Olympus Fluoview parameters missing�
527 Crash when opening lsm or STK files with Auto Format detection�
528 ISO Resampling parameters�
533 Crash if no valid license when FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS is set in the registry�
579 Full3D blend animation shows black edges�
588 read 2D overt time IM classic progressbar flickers�
589 Slice distance measurement does not work on 2D image�
593 2D time reload fails�
595 Wrong channel number in channel description�
596 Interpolate allways on in Easy3D�
598 Volume not updated when Threhold changed by typing�
599 No column headers in Excel export�
600 Drift correction changes voxel size�


Any feedback on the installation, and the usage of the Beta products listed above are more than welcome! Please send your comments directly to the product management ( )

Last Modification: CL,  13-FEB-2004 

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