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Packages Comparison

Here you can identify which Imaris Package best suits your research needs.


Imaris for
Adv. Tracking

Single Full

Imaris for

Imaris for
Cell Biologists
Imaris Core
Render 3D/4D images, detect objects, snapshot & animation
Imaris MeasurementPro
Report and interact with detected object measurements
Imaris Coloc
Visualize and quantify colocalized regions
Imaris Vantage
Plot in 1D-4D, compare groups with statistical tests
Imaris TrackLineage
Track motion in 2D/3D, detect divisions, create lineage tree
Imaris Filament Tracer
Trace filamentous structures, neurons, vessels, detect spines
Imaris Cell
Segment and analyze cells and their compartments
Imaris XT
Customize analysis with Matlab, Python, Java, R
Imaris Batch
Utilise saved protocols for batch analysis
Deconvolve with fixed PSF & blind algorithms - GPU accel.
Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Imaris Stitcher
Precise alignment and stitching of multiple image tiles
Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

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