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Imaris 9 - Billion Triangle Surface Model

Imaris 9 introduces ground breaking technology designed to address the major bottleneck of today’s image analysis – effective quantification and Surface visualization of objects within datasets of hundreds of gigabytes.


Surface Rendering

The new Surface rendering technology in Imaris 9 adopts Imaris’ proven Volume rendering technology based on a multi-resolution octree. Now it’s possible to visualize Surfaces of hundreds of Gigabytes in size. With this technology Imaris 9 can interactively render massive Surfaces consisting of billions of triangles.

The technology that enables Imaris 9 fast rendering of large surfaces is based on the following features:

  • Multi-resolution surfaces in 3D block-wise layout
  • Renderer loads optimal surface resolution levels to match screen resolution
  • Data Caching in VRAM and RAM
  • Multi-threading of rendering, decompression and loading

Fast Surface Computation

Imaris 9 computes Surfaces in a block wise and multithreaded fashion to efficiently analyze large images (hundreds of Gigabytes). Thanks to this ground breaking new technology the computation will be possible for big images and will be significantly faster than in previous Imaris versions.

Our test images for Surfaces calculation time presented below are multiples of Wasp_embryo.ims created by using "Add slices" in Imaris. System specs: Win 7.1, 192GB RAM (Imaris internal memory limit of 64GB), CPU Intel Xeon E5-2687 (x2), Graphics Nvidia Quadro k5000, Data read from HDD, Cache set to SSD.

Additional Features

Surface Slicer
Volume Rendering
Lineage Tree Export
File Readers

In addition to the well known 3D Surface rendering, within Imaris 9 Surfaces can be also rendered on a slicer (xy, xz, yz or oblique).


Additional Resources

The Imaris Learning Center hosts a wide range of tutorial videos, how-to articles and webinars to guide you through the many features of Imaris. We have provided some links below which will get you started on some of our most recent developments.

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