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The Search - Cancer

Cell–matrix interactions and the 3D cell migration

Speakers: Nicholas A. Kurniawan

Abstract: The search to discover a cure for cancer has been at the forefront of scientific research for many years. During this webinar we will look at how Imaris software from Bitplane has been used to analyse cell migration behavior, a key facet to better understanding how cancer works. Migration of cells is integral in various physiological processes in all facets of life. These range from embryonic development, morphogenesis, and wound healing, to disease pathology such as cancer metastasis. While cell migratory behavior has been traditionally studied using simple assays on culture dishes, in recent years it has been increasingly realized that the physical, mechanical, and chemical aspects of the matrix are key determinants of the migration mechanism. In this presentation, we discuss the dynamic cell–matrix mechanical interactions that occur during cell migration, as well as their role and manifestations in determining the overall efficiency of migration.

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