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Voloom® is an intuitive and automated software solution for 3D alignment and reconstruction of whole slide scanner images of any size. Voloom enables the examination of tissue slices as a 3D volume thus revolutionizing the way users of whole slide imaging devices can see and interact with the entire 3D sample. Imaris reads Voloom output and can determine a number of key parameters (i.e. volume, shape, surface structure and many more quantitative measures). Voloom is created by microDimensions.

  • Automated alignment of serial sections (Voloom)
  • Interactive 3D visualization (Voloom and Imaris)
  • Object detection and analysis (Imaris)
  • Data plotting and hypothesis testing (Imaris)

Alignment Solution for Bright field and Fluorescent Virtual Slide Images

Voloom is the perfect software for researchers and pathologists who would like to add the third dimension to their serial sections. Voloom aligns tissue slices and creates a 3D reconstruction of the sample within seconds. Voloom allows for the creation of 3D images that can be visualised in high resolution as if they were the original, uncut samples.

With Imaris you can freely interact with your sample, dissect/cut in any direction, annotated ROIs in 3D space, automatically segment the objects of interest and gain rapid insight into meaningful relationships between segmented objects using the revolutionary Imaris Vantage. Voloom and Imaris work together to take you from 2D raw data to scientific insight in 3D space.

Multiple 2 dimensional virtual slide images – Voloom input data
Aligned images (Voloom) - virtual cross sectional view (Imaris)
Spinal cord automatically segmented in Imaris – statistically color coded Surfaces
Segmented objects visualized in dimensions defined by the user, here x,y,z (ImarisVantage)

Alignment of Serial Sections

Voloom guides you through the 3D volume reconstruction from serial sections of any size. It facilitates automatic section detection, compensation of artefacts and possibility of manual adjustments. Voloom performs the alignment of 100 sections within seconds on a single workstation.

3D Visualization and Data Exploration

Following alignment, Voloom enables you to interactively explore the newly created 3D data block. In Imaris you will have a choice of multiple 3D visualization modes and the possibility to annotate any region of interest. In addition, you can explore virtual cross sectional areas at any angle in 3 dimensions (x, y, z, or oblique).

Object Detection and Analysis

With Imaris you can use the 3D volume created in Voloom and automatically segment objects of interest, create surfaces, detect spots, or trace filaments – these Imaris tools detect protein aggregates, organelles, cells tissues and organisms. To gain a deeper insight of your sample Imaris lets you can statistically color-code objects of interest based on measures such as area, volume, length, branching patterns, sphericity, distance from another object among many others.

Data Plotting and Interpretation

Imaris Vantage allows you to map up to 5 calculated parameters on the different plot axis (x,y,z) and object properties (color and scale). Imaris lets you navigate with single clicks between the raw data, the detected objects, the calculated parameters and the multi-dimensional plots. Such flexibility enables you to quickly cycle through different key parameters and identify trends and outliers. With a single click you can export the data of interest to run statistical tests in your favorite statistics package.

Technical Requirements

Voloom runs on standard computers with NVIDIA, AMD, Barco, or Intel HD graphics cards and can be installed on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 (64 bit versions only).

For Imaris’ computer requirements please see here http://www.bitplane.com/systemrequirements.aspx

Modalities and File Types

With Voloom you can read and align images with the following whole slide scanning devices: 3DHISTECH (.mrxs), Hamamatsu (.ndp), Nikon (.nd2), Leica (.scn), Aperio (.svs), Zeiss (.czi), Imaris (.ims).

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