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Imaris Single Full

Imaris Single Full gives you complete power and flexibility of all Imaris functionalities at your fingertips. Visualization of complex 3/4D microscopy datasets with automated Spots and Surfaces detection and visualisation (100s of GBs), smart detection of complex objects, tracing of neurons, blood vessels (no lumen) or other filamentous structures, tracking including cell division detection, batch analysis and a wide range of customized analysis powered by MatLab or Python. Imaris Single Full is the perfect solution for Imaging Facilities, research consortiums, or bigger labs with multiple image analysis needs.

Image analysis – multiple options at your fingertips

Imaris Single Full enables using the combination of all Imaris image analysis and visualization modules to get the most information from your image data and present it in an elegant and informative fashion.

Tracing Neurons
Measuring Distances
Detecting Cells
Detecting Surfaces
Tracking and Lineage
Detect Membranes

Tracing Neurons

Use Imaris Filament Tracer for automatic neuron and spine detection which is guided within the wizard based interface.


Statistics and measurements

After segmenting the image data Imaris calculates a wide range of statistics for all detected objects: Filaments, Surfaces and Spots. All values can be used for color coding, plotted inside Imaris (using Vantage plots) or exported in an .csv or .xls file format. Parameters presented below are the most common statistic types needed by biologists. Imaris reports many more.


Mean Diameter
Branching Angle
Spine Density


Dendrite Branch Points
Dendrite Terminal Points
Sholl Intersections
Spine Terminal Points
Dendrite Branch Level


Mean Diameter
Terminal Point Diameter


Vesicles per Cell
Distance to Membrane
Vesicles per Nucleus
Distance to Cell Center

Motion Analysis

Average Speed
Instantaneous Speed
Track length
Cell cycle duration


Position (x, y, z)
Number (count)
Distance from Reference



Cell Cycle

Cell Cycle Duration
Cell Cycle Displacement
Time Since First and
Previous Division

Simple and easy to use

Experience the simplicity of Imaris software using our wizard-driven smart workflows and software hints. Watch numerous online video tutorials and contact the team of image analysis specialists from Imaris’ Support Team for help on your specific application.

Wizard Driven Workflows
Video Tutorials & Reference Manual
Application Support

Wizard Driven Workflows

In Bitplane we believe that regardless of the scientific question your data analysis should be easy. This is why we organized all segmentation and tracking workflows into step-by-step user friendly wizards.


Visualization and animation export

Imaris Single Full provides a complete set of features for visualization of multi-channel microscopy datasets from static 2D images to 3D time series regardless of their size and format. Choose amongst multiple image and video export options to enhance your papers and presentations.


Further Features and Benefits

Learn about further benefits provided for Imaris users, including flexible licensing options, trainings and software add-ons ensuring smooth data export and import.

  • License installation types – node-locked or floating
  • Attractive conditions when purchasing multiple licenses
  • On-site or on-line trainings available
  • Additional AutoQuant for Deconvolution available
  • Additional big data capable Imaris Stitcher available
  • XT interface available for Python and Matlab Developers

Additional Resources

The Imaris Learning Center hosts a wide range of tutorial videos, how-to articles and webinars to guide you through the many features of Imaris. We have provided some links below which will get you started on some of our most recent developments.

Imaris Stitcher

Accurate and precise stitching of multiple tiles in XYZ is now possible with our big data capable Imaris Stitcher. Simply load 2D, 3D or 4D tiles for stitching and the software will detect their stage coordinates.


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