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Imaris 8.4 - Innovative 3D Neuron Tracing

This latest release introduces an absolutely new approach to tracing dendrites and filamentous structures in dense neuronal networks like entire brains, organisms or large cleared samples - all of which contain very big data.

Imaris 8.4 greatly improves upon the functionality of FilamentTracer. In addition, we have developed a better user experience with 3D Navigation, Reference Frame control, Snapshot tool and the new batch conversion capability of the Imaris File Converter.

Latest features of Imaris FilamentTracer

With the launch of our patented Torchâ„¢ tool, both Autopath and Autodepth tracing methods in Filament Tracer have been significantly developed to enable efficient 3D tracing in large images and complicated neural networks.

Tracing with Torch™
Tracing with Autopath
Tracing with Autodepth

Tracing with Torch™


This patented solution brings a novel volume visualization approach to tracing, making is faster and more efficient than ever before.

  • Highlights structures in close proximity to the tracing cursor.
  • Darkens background for improved visibility
  • Facilitates tracing in dense neural networks.
  • Available in Autopath and Autodepth tracing methods

Intuitive data manipulation


Imaris 8.4 further develops on the intuitive interactions available in previous versions. Manipulate the view of your data in many ways to obtain the perfect vantage point for beginning in-depth analysis, easily output the resultant view.

Reference Frame

Reference Frame Positioning

The freehand xyz coordinate system, designed for statistics calculations and resampling data in the new coordinate system, can now be positioned more intuitively.

  • Labelled xyz arrows.
  • Translate by click-and-drag on the sphere.
  • Simple rotation by 'click' on the arrows.
  • Position Reference Frame on moving object and fix the camera on the Reference Frame.
  • Calculate statistics or track objects in new Reference Frame coordinate system.

Imaris File Converter


Redesigned GUI of Imaris File Converter and batch conversion for efficient management of multiple large datasets.

  • Conversion is multithreaded (number of cores selected by the user).
  • Files dropped to conversion queue and processed with one click. Additional files can be added during conversion.
  • Both Read progress and Write progress displayed.
  • Memory allocation increased to handle big data.
  • Each conversion runs as a separate process.

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