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About Bitplane

Bitplane, the world’s leading Interactive Microscopy Image analysis software company, was acquired by Andor Technology plc. in 2009. Andor is a world leader in Scientific Imaging, Spectroscopy Solutions and Microscopy Systems. Andor’s vast Portfolio and experience brings the capacity and system knowledge to further expand the technological developments from Bitplane. 

Bitplane was founded in 1992 and operates out of two offices: one in Zurich, Switzerland and one in Concord, MA, USA. We serve customers in all parts of the world with direct representation in the US, Canada, China and Europe and through partner organizations in Asia and Australia. Through constant innovation and a clear focus on 3D & 4D imaging Bitplane actively shapes the way scientists process microscopic images.

   “ The world’s leading Microscopy Image Analysis software
          for 3D and 4D image visualization and analysis. ”

Software with a Clean Design and Outstanding Performance

Bitplane’s development team of biologists and computer scientists is dedicated to building products, which are user friendly, fast, and stable. Much easier said than done, this dedication to quality requires the optimal mix of technology and outstanding software design.

At Bitplane, we take great care to understand the needs of today's customers and also to anticipate the market's requirements three years from now. This is achieved by listening to the feedback of our customers and through the continued support of our Advanced Imaging Centers, a selected group of labs, each leading their respective field, that help to guide Bitplane’s development plans.

Bitplane products are available on Windows and Macintosh computers and offer the best interactive experience in the market.

Bitplane is Your Source of Software for Scientific Microscopy Imaging

Imaris has been designed as a stand-alone end-user application. It can be installed and operated by life scientists, does not require IT administration, and easily integrates into existing image processing workflows. With an easy to learn user interface, Imaris is a perfect tool for both the beginner and the advanced microscopist.

Using Java technology Imaris can also be integrated into other imaging applications to be used as visualization and interaction engine. Toolbars and menus can be adapted to match the requirements of the host software. The Java interface enables the host software to send or receive images and objects to and from Imaris. Thus, Imaris is also the ideal solution for accelerated product development, interaction between computer scientists and biologists, and implementation of custom developed algorithms. By using Imaris for all 3D/4D visualization, interaction, and key analysis purposes time and resources can be freed for other urgent and critical applications.

Bitplane’s team of scientists are experts in the key technologies such of 3D microscopy, image restoration, visualization and analysis. Part of our success originates from the high level of support we deliver to researchers before, and most importantly after the purchase of our software. Most months we hold one or two free (for customers) web seminars on selected key topics. We think that this high tech approach to training allows our customers to stay current on any aspect of the software that they choose, allows them to participate from a comfortable environment and therefore is very well accepted in the community.As portrayed in our mission statement, the principal business of Andor is the development and manufacture of high performance digital cameras. Further, we look to share our expertise to develop the best solutions for your light measuring problems, distributing our products to a customer base encompassing both the scientific research & industrial communities.

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Corporate Headquarters:

  • Bitplane AG
    Badenerstrasse 682
    CH-8048 Zurich
    +41 44 430 11 00

Regional Offices:

  • Bitplane USA
    300 Baker Avenue, Suite 150
    Concord, MA 01742
    +1 (860) 290 9211

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