Bitplane | 2017 European UGM

2017 European User Group Meeting

Dates: June 27th -29th June 2017
Location: Biozentrum, Basel, Switzerland, room 188

The Bitplane European User Group Meeting (UGM) is filled with interesting presentations, useful training advice and is attended by leading scientists at the cutting edge of the Imaris user community. This meeting provides an ideal platform from which to share your ideas, discuss your research interests, learn/develop original analysis protocols and establish new collaborations with other leading members of this active community.

This year's UGM will build upon the latest features of Imaris 8.3 and 8.4, and will be focused on in-depth training on the following topics:

  • Our latest patent-pending Torch tool in FilamentTracer for tracing dense fibrous objects such as neuronal dendrites
  • Our Lineage module for cell division analysis with the reference frame to correct for the object movement
  • Most optimal way to use the Arena view for Batch processing
  • Displaying and interpretation of data in Vantage plots
  • Cell modules for inter/intra cellular analysis
  • Advanced use of XTensions to expand capabilities of Imaris
  • Automated 3D counting/volume/surface area estimation and 4D tracking of particles
  • Tips and tricks for working with large files

The UGM will have a mix of lectures and hands-on sessions on dedicated computers. Further 3 sessions with your own datasets will also be included, so don’t hesitate to bring data where you need our advice and/or help.

The full provisional agenda is displayed below.

Attendance will be limited and is expected to fill quickly. Advanced registration is required (deadline is June 16th, 2016) and early registration is highly recommended. To register please fill out the form below.

The cost of attending this event is 250€ including one multi-course dinner (but excluding alcoholic beverages) on the 28th June with the Bitplane team, or 200€ without dinner participation. The fee includes access to all lectures, lunch and coffee breaks, printed course materials and access to Imaris-competent PCs. For more details please take a look at the registration website. Please note that this is a not-for-profit event

Participants must contact hotels directly to book the room(s). Directions to the event venue can be found here

Please contact if you have any questions regarding registration.


The Biozentrum is the largest department at the University of Basel’s Faculty of Science. The primary focus of this interdisciplinary institute is basic molecular and biomedical research and teaching. The Biozentrum holds a leading position nationally and internationally and closely networks with partners from the academic world and industry.

The Biozentrum is home to 30 research groups. These scientists, representing more than 40 nations, are engaged in investigating the molecular basis of biological processes. Their work covers a broad spectrum of activities, the scientific research is wide-ranging: How does a cell develop, how does it function and how are all its vital processes regulated? Can we make computer assisted models of these processes? How does a stem cell know what to become? How does a blood vessel form or the nervous system develop and how does the body defend itself against bacterial infections? Could the findings lead to new approaches in the treatment of serious diseases such as muscular diseases, Alzheimer's Disease or cancer? Producing more than 200 scientific publications each year, the Biozentrum is regularly rated in the top 25% of the world rankings.


Tuesday 27th June

Start End Duration Topics
08:30am 09:00am 30 minutes Registration
09:00am 09:15am 15 minutes Welcome and Introduction
09:15am 09:30am 15 minutes What's New in Imaris
09:30am 10:30am 1 hour Overview of the Basics (ImarisCore and MeasurementPro)
10:30am 10:45am 15 minutes Coffee Break
10:45am 12:30pm 1 hour 45 minutes Hands On Exercises: Mix on Basics
12:30pm 1:30pm 1 hour Lunch Provided by Bitplane
1:30pm 2:00pm 30 minutes Lecture: Imaris Vantage
2:00pm 3:00pm 1 hour Lecture: ImarisTrack, Lineage and Labels
3:00pm 4:00pm 1 hour Hands on Exercises: ImarisTrack, Lineage and Labels
4:00pm 4:15pm 15 minutes Coffee Break
4:15pm 6:00pm 1 hour 45 minutes Q&A and Hands On Session with Attendees Data, or time to review the exercices from Day 1

Wednesday 28th June

Start End Duration Topics
09:00am 10:15am 1 hour 15 minutes Lecture: ImarisCell
10:15am 10:30am 15 minutes Coffee Break
10:30am 12:00pm 1 hour 30 minutes Hands On Exercises: ImarisCell
12:00pm 1:00pm 1 hour Lunch Provided by Bitplane
1:00pm 2:00pm 1 hour Lecture: FilamentTracer
2:00pm 3:00pm 1 hour Lecture: ImarisXT and ImarisOpen
3:00pm 3:15pm 15 minutes Coffee Break
3:15pm 4:15pm 1 hour Hands On Exercises: FilamentTracer
4:15pm 4:30pm 15 minutes Hands On Exercises: XTensions
4:30pm 6:00pm 1 hour 30 minutes Q&A and Hands On Session with Attendees Data, or time to review the exercices from day 2

Thursday 29th June

Start End Duration Topics
09:00am 09:30am 30 minutes ImarisBatch
09:30am 10:30am 1 hour Interactive lecture and exercice: programming extensions with Python
10:30am 10:45am 15 minutes Coffee Break
10:45am 12:00pm 1 hour 15 minutes Lecture and Hands On Exercice: Coloc
12:00pm 1:00pm 1 hour Lunch Provided by Bitplane
1:00pm 1:30pm 30 minutes Bitplane Continuing Education/Support Resources
1:30pm 2:45pm 1 hour 15 minutes Q&A and Hands On Session with Attendees Data, or time to review the exercices from Days 1-3
2:45pm 3:00pm 15 minutes Close Meeting


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